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Jürgen Klopp: 2018 - 2019

Nur der BvB09

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Nov 6, 2015
I am sure Jurgen loved Dortmund too in a similar way. I saw his final match with Dortmund and the way he was saying goodbye to the fans, it was so emotional and the fans crying and giving him a good send off. I remember fans were being interviewed and one lady said she believed that one day he will be back at Westfalon stadion.
He always seems to be in touch with his old clubs which is a really nice thing to do.
It is not important what People do think when you come in, it is much important what they do think when you leave; is spoken from the experience Klopp did during his time at Mainz and Dortmund and the icing on the cake is LFC. He has done imo most Things Right through his time at his previous 2 Clubs and the recognition hes got after the time he spend there, is where he felt he s done more Right then wrong. With the BIG Size a Club like Liverpool FC poses, i was worried he ll face Problems which at a Point in time may be to much even for someone like him could handle. But he s proven even here at Anfield, that as Long the bond of togetherness between all involved with the Club is restored, Nothing is imposibel.
Klopp once said in his early days at Mainz( unmögliches wird sofort erledigt, nur wundern brauchen n bisschen länger= imposibel Things will be solved imideately, wounders Need a bit longer).
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