Jürgen Klopp: The Bossest of Bosses


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Aug 26, 2014
It's impressive how calm this team has been under pressure. You would think they've been winning titles for years. I guess it's one of the advantages of bringing in a manager that has been there and done it.
It's huge, but we've also got more experience among the players than we sometimes realise.

After the Utd game Shaq was asked if it was greatest moment as a footballer. He chuckled then had to remind them that he won 5 league titles in a row and a Champions League final. We also have Milner whose never experienced anything that made his heart rate rise above 135 BPM. Fab was on a side that took a surprising lead in the league and then just refused to falter. Gini captained his side to their first title in a decade in Holland.

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Jan 30, 2011
Back in the darkest days of the Rodgers era, at the point we all just assumed it was a case of when rather if, there were lots of conversations about who should be the next guy in charge. I really wanted to throw my weight behind Klopp because of the type of person he is and the things he stands for, but I could not. I did not want Liverpool being manager by a "system" coaches/managers, as I think that doesnt work at a club the size of ours, and especially not a system that I felt had already started to wane in this cycle of tactical evolution given that even sides likes Barca had started valuing possession less. I was concerned he wouldnt have the tools or the vision to refine that approach or to come up with a new one.

Talk about looking like a tit..
By the end of his tenure at Dortmund, the Gegenpress started to fail because players were getting dried up/injured more frequently and other teams got adopted to it. I too, like many, had doubts around Gegenpress at the back of my mind.
However, we have moved from Gegenpressing this season. Its not 100% heavy metal anymore. We have got into some kind of balanced play style and I don't know what Klopp calls it. I think we just witnessed Klopp getting evolved in terms of play style.


Dec 1, 2018
I love Klopp. But pls don’t start bragging now. Get over the line first. Pls.


Jul 11, 2017
Well folks,

Much like Liverpool, who have started the final half of the season with such a bang, I have turned a corner. I was reading the BBC’s match report about the 5-1 victory of Arsenal, when I came to this part:

When Liverpool went behind to Maitland-Niles' 11th minute strike, it was the first time they had trailed at Anfield in the Premier League since Leicester City led here on 30 December last year.
If there were any nerves troubling the new Premier League pace-setters, this might have been the moment for them to show - but not a bit of it.
Liverpool, admittedly helped by Arsenal and by a huge roar that swept around Anfield, were ahead in five minutes thanks to two Firmino goals and never looked back.

I will not tempt fate by saying that Liverpool will win the league. As a fan, I started supporting Liverpool when the club bought Diouf and Diao after the 2002 World Cup (showing my encyclopaedic knowledge of the game). I’ve been through too much as a supporter to say we will win it. That said, the high water marks of my time as a supporter have been Istanbul (of course) and that 2013/14 run. I still remember watching that Final: where we were watching it, the lights went out during extra time. A mad dash to a nearby establishment ensued – and when that last penalty went in there occurred a few seconds I cannot account for to this day. As for 2013-14, to this day I still replay the Match of the Day highlights of that 5-1 battering of Arsenal in February 2014. 4-0 up in twenty minutes, having missed two gilt-edged chances (Toure missing in front of an open goal, and a certain outrageous, astonishing volley from Suarez).

All I would like, lads and ladies, is to relive that 2014 run-in. It was unforgettable, and it is the reason I can’t find a bad word to say about Brendan Rodgers to this day. Who can forget how the team bus would be welcomed to home matches by a seething, heaving cauldron of passionate Scouse humanity? The carnage that would follow on the field was inevitable. People talked about going to work walking on air. And that is why I referenced the BBC match report up there – I think we are all starting to believe like we did in 2014.

If I can re-live that, I’ll be happy. Do I want more? (We all know what more is.) Of course. It’s been said that attack wins you games, defence wins you titles. That is the main difference between us then and us now – we have conceded 8 goals in 20 games. I hope this season will have a happier ending than 2014, but even if it doesn’t happen, to re-live that last half of the season will be boon enough.

And if we do win the league, I almost won't mind if we never win it again. It will be like Rosberg’s lone Formula 1 title: worth retiring for. It’s been too long and too painful (Macheda in 2009; Gerrard’s slip, Henderson’s red card, and other factors in 2014) for me to want anything more than just one league win. I’ve found myself wishing that Gerrard was still playing for us, but life is like that sometimes – has been like that for the Liverpool fan.

Godspeed and all the best to the team. And a Happy New Year to all.

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Jul 15, 2016
The great thing about Klopp is that he's also a teacher. Remember an interview about 3-4 weeks ago where he was explaining about counter-pressing and he was being asked about how a counter-pressing team copes with expending more energy than the opposition and he said that isn't how it's supposed to work. And he explained how 1 or 2 forwards pressing upfield and winning the ball or forcing a turnover means only two players expending energy, whereas the alternative is that the 7 players behind the forwards all need to expend energy to win the ball back after the other team have opened up the field so its multiple times more efficient to press higher up the pitch and 'shadow' ( my terminology!) off much of the pitch to make it a smaller area for the other team to play into and therefore less area of the pitch to cover.

I love that we have a manager so open about football and actually wanting to educate people about the tactics behind it. I can't think of another manager even remotely similar in football. God forbid it's any time soon, but once Klopp leaves us and retires I hope he stays in football in some capacity. At minimum as special comments because he's a great guy and makes a heck of a lot of sense.


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Oct 28, 2014
Does anybody else think that Jürgen is in two minds about the best midfield to play? I was disappointed that Fabinho didn’t get a start last night. The difference he made when he came on was for all to see. Is Henderson still the answer when you look at last night’s game and the lack of service the front three were getting? Hendo has been a great servant for this club but have we moved beyond him??


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Jan 26, 2017


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Dec 21, 2015
Not sure if we have a Krawietz thread so I'm posting this here.


A 30 minutes interview with Pete from friday. Interesting for the german speakers in here. I'm at work and a bit busy atm so maybe one of the others can translate the important quotes.
Half an hour bla bla bla, nothing new. Winterbreak and so on.
Most important sentence was Krawietz was asked what he would chose, Premier League Titel or a Chamions League win this season:
‚I would take the EPL title. Because of our fans are so desperate to win it‘


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Jul 10, 2007
how the hell does that work? i assume its a trick of the ey but no doctored

why would anyone bother editing it.....bizarre
Hadnt thought why, but now you ask, its obviously how Shaq turns up unmarked in the inside right channel; this must go way back to medieval Germany, this cant be either of their first lives on earth, we're talking a pair of high Magus.................yeah probably an editing glitch.


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Jul 1, 2010
watched his summary of the match, on MOTD the night,
and saw how the reporter responded to him at the end, and i thought to myself,

you just cant stop yourself from liking this man and wanting to smile in his presence!!

For me, he's the best thing that has happened to this club, in a long time.


from 4.50 mins onwards.