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Jürgen Klopp: The Bossest of Bosses

Billy Stevo's left boot

Born in L5, live in L4, support one L of a team
Aug 17, 2015
The job he has done borders on the miraculous, a World Club Championship final, a League Cup final, a Europa League final, 2 CL finals, a second place finish and our first League title in 30 years.
That is some CV especially considering we had only qualified for the CL once in the 7 years before he took over. When someone described him as the 21st century Bill Shankly (might have been Bruce Grobbelaar, I can’t remember now) that wasn’t hyperbole, it was pretty much just a statement of fact.


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Jul 12, 2014

Two of the best articles you will find in the net :)

Enjoy, CHAMPIONS :)))