Kai Havertz (AM) Bayer 04 Leverkusen


Jun 15, 2007
I haven't seen or heard anything negative about his professionalism, even when analyzing his body language when playing/not playing. As far as immaturity goes, well seriously, he's 16/17.
He was officially sanctioned by the FA for an offensive social media post he did mocking Harry Kane. That wasn't great.

Not Worthy

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Jul 6, 2015
I would look at it a different way with regards to Elliott based on what I've just read. All in the past but it appears he's shown a bit of immaturity and lack of professionalism.

Ramos is the club captain, world class player, played how many games and has won everything there is to win. If Elliott was sincere and open to joining Real Madrid then snubbing him hardly makes sense irrespective of his personal feelings towards him. He's not going to endear himself and really not sure what he was looking to achieve.
Perhaps the Ramos version of "professionalism" was made obvious to him.

Red over the water

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May 13, 2018
The kid’s all right.

The Harry Kane thing was private, and his friend shared it, I believe. So there’s a sense in which he was betrayed by his mate, slightly. The actual skitting itself was a combination of funny, poor taste, immature, and also coming from a place of confidence as it was a kid having a pop at the England captain.

All a bit meh, but the FA want to act like protectors of the game so they clamped down on a kid. Well done. The world is a safer place for your intervention! Not a large case to answer for young Harvey, other than be more careful, and Klopp had a word, which is what matters.

The Ramos stuff sort of feels like it plays to fans a bit more. After what he did to Mo in the final he’s a bit of a pantomime villain. The main thing I got from that was happiness that we beat Real Madrid to the signature of a special talent, as they were in for Harvey Elliott and apparently trying to pull out all the stops, but we got him and hopefully he will fulfil his potential with us.