Kylian Mbappé (FW) PSG

What will Mbappe be leaning on?

  • The number 6, which he cheekily turns upside down into a 9, waggling his eyebrows

  • Mikey Edward's elephant-sized cock

  • Piled up lifesized cutouts of Benteke, Carroll, Jovanovic, and Voronin

  • Maria's tea set

  • ISMF's ego for starting this thread

  • A simple conference table, because he has fully accepted being a humble part of the red machine

  • The burnt-out remains of the redcafe server

  • None of the above coz he ain't fookin comin', man

  • A big VAR screen, to freak out all Abu Dhabi fans

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Aug 26, 2014
I remember watching a documentary about one of the Pele World Cup’s, in which teams had accepted they couldn’t stop him, so kicked the absolute shit out of him. And this was the seventies, when a bad tackle was a really, really bad tackle.
He retired from international football after the world cup and had to be legit convinced into coming back to play in the world cup. Imagine what football would be today without Pele in that 1970s team.