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LFC 2020/2021 Prem Fixtures


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Oct 3, 2010
It looks like the lower league clubs have stolen a march on the PL:
EFL: All Championship, League One and League Two games made available to view

"All English Football League games will be available to watch from home while matches continue to be played behind closed doors or at limited capacity.

A "flexible framework" has been agreed with Sky Sports to allow all games not televised live to be streamed online.

The EFL says it is a "temporary measure" that will be "subject to regular review" from early October."

And no mention of any 3 pm Saturday embargo either.
That’s a really good move, I agree if crowds are back then don’t,but they won’t be back to something like full capacity til the end of the season. They haven’t even trialled any football matches.

Hope that embargo goes for at least fixtures abroad, I play football most saturday afternoons but it would be nice to catch the German or Spanish matches in the afternoon.


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Jul 21, 2016
Anybody got any idea when they are gonna start asking for money for season tickets?