Liverpool FC Autographs


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Dec 15, 2006
I'm not entirely sure where to post this. I couldn't find a similar thread so please move if it's not in the correct area.

I know a lot of people stick around after games or training to try and get players autographs in person but for most people this is not physically feasible.

As a kid I wrote off to a few players addressing a letter FAO the player at the stadium address asking if they could send an autograph. I got a reply from most with a photo card of their picture and what I assume is their actual autograph (they looked genuine). From what I remember I had Robbie Fowler, David James, Stan Collymore, Mark Wright and Rob Jones plus some non-Liverpool players of Ruud Gullit and Alan Shearer.

I was wondering how I go about doing the same (not for me honest, but for my son to write a letter asking). I don't expect to get a reply from all of them given they probably get so much correspondence but it'd be nice if he got a couple. I was planning on just doing what I did last time - have my son write a quick letter, put in a return envelope and send it to the stadium (or Melwood) FAO the player.

Has anyone done something like this recently and if so how did you go about it (and which players do or don't respond)?

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