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Liverpool FC Videos

Nur der BvB09

Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2015
This Kind of Videos reminds every single one of us to enjoy life supporting the Club, enjoy every single word we Exchange with each other in good and bad times. Cause we re alive. And the Beauty of it it is once we re gone , there ll be enough others which would be so much proud of this club as we are now. This is the Eternal LEGACY called LFC!YNWA


SUPER Champions of Europe VI
Ad-free Member
Jul 2, 2006
One of the best Jurgen compilations I have seen! :celebrating:
I am just wondering, considering he's a smoker, he can still half run across the whole pitch without huffing and puffing, he would put most runners to shame:well done:. I have so many favourites, where he is counting all the Champions League titles on the bus and 'do you think we play PlayStation?' lol