Mario Goetze (AM) Bayern Munich

Discussion in 'Rumour Mill - Transfer Talk' started by legalalien, Jan 8, 2016.

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  1. liver1

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    Could be. The signing on fee is massive if you are going for a free because the club just saved themselves £20million.

    Gotze split from his agent and sent a message on Facebook that he will pass the management onto his family.

    Who else gets a cut of that massive signing on fee? football agents. So hes cut out the agent and brought in his family to do it for him, putting them into the loop.

  2. SoftGerman

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    kicker journalist Wilde, who writes about Bayern and the German national team, said in a talk show that Bayern plans the future without Mario Götze.
    So it's either getting money for nothing for another year or leave the club now.
  3. mattyhurst

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    Apparently Bild has said that Goetze told Klopp he won't be coming to Liverpool....

    Which noting Bild recently means he will probably sign for us next week. To be honest it's that star billing, do we need him, I'm not sure, would he have helped boost the clubs ablity to sign players, perhaps.

    If we can sign the likes of Sule and our other business without him then I'll be happy. My only worry is I'm yet to see a link to a midfielder who i think will improve the midfield though I really have little knowledge of Dahoud or Zieliński, haven't been able to catch much German or Italian football as we've played a lot on Sunday and my internet in my old house was dreadful so streaming was terrible.
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    Götze's facebook page from earlier today and presumably the source of the stories:


    (assuming it's a genuine facebook entry of course!)
  5. spizfromoz

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    I'm kind of relieved about this the news coming in about Gotze. I know he's a terrific player. But something does bother me about him. Injuries, attitude and fitness concerns have consistently hung around him like a bad smell. He's got immense talent in front of goals, no doubt. But I think we've got players who can score goals. But I think we'd need more a speedy winger who can contribute goals if we had a closer look at squad needs, even then only if we had CL football. But we won't need a luxury in the squad for that now.
    But keeper definite! Left back, definite! Central mid, definite!
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    Id prefer him to Coutinho and its not over yet. He's had a lot of speculation and might have said it to cool down his contract situation + switching of agents. Time will tell. Hope our alternatives are even better
  7. Hope in your heart

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    This one was never a truly realistic option, and with us bottling the EL final, even less so. Thread closed.

    Edit: if a realistic report tells otherwise, it will be re-opened of course, but until then, it would just be empty talk in here.
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