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Marko Grujić (CM) to Hertha Berlin, Borussia M., Eintracht Frankfurt...


From Doubters to Believers
Aug 10, 2017
If you have Fab-JH-Naby-Gini-Milner-Curtis and maybe maybe, Thiago. Where is grujic getting those minutes, even if you leave Ox out?
Gini is dicey with his contract situation, Milner is on his last legs....Naby and Ox have had trouble with injuries....

I don't see the midfield getting stacked even if we've got Thiago. But if we get an offer for 25M , By all means.

Red Submarine

We've won the fucking lot.
Dec 29, 2018
Does he able to play center half? If not. He definitely go.
He's never played there (AFAIK) but there is a suggestion that he could cover Fab if Fab ever has to drop back to CH. I think he could be useful given Milner's age and the fragility of Ox and Naby. If we had dirty oil money spurting out of our arses it would be a no-brainer to have him in the squad, but if we need the cash and we can get 20m+ for him.............see ya buddy.