Match Topic: Sunderland (a) 15.09.12

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Feb 18, 2008
No offence to anyone but won't be reading any other comments on here, because some will see wrong in everything, some will see wrong in nothing, some will possibly say FSG and Rodgers out, hell there is even a decent chance someone will be blaming Purslow on something.

Things won't get any easier next week, in fact I fear for us a little we are making defensive mistakes we shouldn't be so when we face RVP, Rooney, Kagawa(if fit) next week I will be worried. We can't seem to score, we created very few cleary cut chances but we created several decent chances from the edge of the box and we dragged every single one of them wide except Johnsons effort. On a lighter note no mistakes from Reina except one slightly off target kick out and the wrong studs.

Anyway onto the match and to be honest the season in general, delighted with Allen, Sterling and Shelvey is improving game by game, there were some real moments of class today from him. Allen again did very well i think it was 2008 when he last gave the ball away if only other players had his composure Gerrard included. What i found very striking however was how time and time again the tackles were made by Sterling and Allen, neither the most physically commanding player but at least they have desire and just seem generally smart enough to make the correct tackle.

I think Gerrard has been shocking, but you can't attribute how he is playing to age, he is sloppy on the ball time and time again going for the difficult ball rather than the easy/smart option, his miss today was another example of how poor he was, any other season he would have rolled that into the net, had that been a pass to another player from similar range it would have been a shockingly bad pass let alone when he had the whole goal to aim at. Skrtel has looked iffy at times and Agger doesnt look quite comfortable either. Johnson remains brilliant going forward but can be got at in defence, Kelly was the best defender we had again i think.Shelvey and Allen both good in the middle, Borini was both unlucky and uncomposed when it came to his efforts and a few poor passes sealed his faith. Suarez doesnt seem the same for Liverpool as he does for his national team which is a little worrying then again he seems to being left on his own to do something time and time again.

We really, really need a striker come Jan, we need someone physical, Carroll clearly isnt in Rodgers thinking but we need someone strong who can play football, someone who can hold the ball up and bring others into play not someone we just launch aimless passes to.

There are good signs, we have a very young inexperienced PL team, but some of those players are very talanted Sterling, Allen and the others all have big futures, but they are being let down by the experienced players, our goals this season have come from mistakes by Gerrard, Reina, Skrtel and Agger all players who shouldnt be making them. So enough talking about it on the official site it's time to step up and support our talanted young players, to make sure they stay and to give them a chance to be the best they can be.


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Jul 1, 2010
Would have taken a point before the game started, but having watched the game I feel a bit let down in that we should have won(I felt the same against man city) given the possesion we had!

As for the team selection, I dont want to ever see johnson play LB again, and Kelly play RB again, playing both players out of their natural position is not good for the team, thats 2 defensive players of of 4 playing outwith their natural position, not good for the team in my opinion!

Also Gerrard is not a midfield playmaker ( or what ever thinks he is), the lad should be played up front as he doesnt have the brain to be a midfielder play maker, every pass he make is like shot at goal, (i.e. to much power) .

But overall things are getting better in our play, and given time we will be alot better. ( not since the days of Rafa and Xabi have I seen us dominate a team so much, than I have tonight, happy days!).


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Apr 15, 2009
Just wonder why we had Enrique who is injured or not fully fit on the bench is this why we have a streched to the limit squad.
Why not have Robinson at Left Back Johnson Left midfield Johnson would give the opposition team and manager a headache as johnson is a real threat so it would pin them back further back it would give us much more options. we can have 100% possetion goals win games we are still hitting the woodwork.
We need to have 2 up front and forward passes more the ammount of times i seen a player free for a forward pass was unreal but the ball went side ways or back or i can see Suarez getting more and more fustrated the guy thrives on being on the ball he is running all over the park hoping someone is going to give him service as a forward it would drive you crazy watching the ball go side ways back into the midfield back to defenders would rather see a midfielder try a forward pass and it not come of at least they are attempting something to create a chance Gerrard needs to be in behind the striker or strikers shelvey beside Allen.
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