Most memorable moment in 2018?

Most memorable moment in 2018?

  • Firmino's winner vs PSG

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Apr 3, 2018
2018 has really been a spectacular year for Liverpool, with the only real disappointment the loss in Kiev, which no-one really expected us to reach anyway.
What was the most memorable moment this year?
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If there are any very important moments I have left out, write them down below.

Roll on 2019


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Jan 14, 2007
Witness our defense envolve into maybe the best in the world is definitely a highlight for me :well done:

The road to the Final in Kiev is also one I think, not the final tho that's the lowpoint of 2018.

Not let other clubs break up our vital front three is kind of a highlight too for me, lets make that a tradition eh. Hopefully the last drop of stepping stone/mercenary culture left with Philip.

won it at-a-turk stadium

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Jul 3, 2006
Too many to list, besides the obvious run to the Champions League and back to back Champions League qualifications in the league

Most valuable moment: Going to City and winning in the Champions League from a goal down. I rate this as the best moment

Runner up: Beating Burnley in injury time, beating Palace quite well this season. Inventorying the bogeys

Of course beating the likes of the usual big derbies/match ups like Everton, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea etc are special but rate the two above higher. It shows we are continuing to learn and improve
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Jul 16, 2007
For me it's the double win against City during last spring. This is what set us up on our way to Kiev, and Ox's goal especially was a beauty. The Roma game at Anfield was stuff of legends too. All in all there are so many fantastic moments to remember during that year...

Hopefully 2019 will be as rich in great moments, fingers crossed. Because if that happens, there are good chances that we will enjoy a trophy or two on our way!!!


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Jul 1, 2010
A difficult choice, shows how well we are going given that there has been so many memorable moments!

I opted for the beating of Man City twice, as I didn't expect to beat them so convincingly,
specially as they where running away in the league!

The unbeaten run (to date) is also great, but we haven't won anything yet,
so I wont vote for it.

One other thing that is very memorable in 2018, (as a LFC fan) but is not listed..……...

Jose Mourinho and Man Utd! :)


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Sep 18, 2006
A 61 year old corrupted government overthrown by the people. Witnessed it first hand and with all the dirty tricks, rigging mail votes and stopping candidates from registration still lost the country to a newly formed coalition. That is far more memorable for me than anything else...


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May 30, 2017
I’ve got 2 “moments” that standout from an incredible year.

The first is what is happening now - we are 7 points clear of city. At the start of this year, I was so downbeat in that the only way we’d overcome city was if pep left... but then they started to show signs of weakness. Man City are like Ivan drago - we are rocky (as Klopp put it) - and we’ve just cut city - they are not a machine.... what’s happening now is beyond my wildest dream. Klopp is just off the planet. Just wowzers!

The second is as @Scott Jones mentioned about @Alright Now making his first trip to anfield for the united game - and allowing me to be part of his trip.

But what a 1st match to attend? How amazing was that? What a story.

The great thing is that both those moments feel very current! But in truth we’ve been spoilt by 2018 - so many amazing memories. I’ve been fortunate to have attended the vast majority of games at anfield and I think what’s happening at the moment will be etched in history.

Now let’s tske this momentum into 2019, it’s happening.

Alright Now

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Apr 16, 2016
Ahhhh appreciate the thoughts @Scott Jones and @Red_Jedi . I just read those out to my family (which thinks I have issues).

Certainly, my trip to Liverpool was my favorite collective moment of 2018. When my wife asked if I had done all I wanted, I said all except meeting Scott. I am so thankful for the gracious hospitality that @Red_Jedi and @Maria showed. They made my 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021... my cup runneth over. I also want to thank the whole TIA community: I received so many wonderful notes expressing their excitement for me. It’s a shared joy being a Red, isn’t it? And it’s nice to be understood. For those of you familiar with Cheers, I felt like Norm walking into a bar to greetings of welcome.

As for football moments, I will always remember being in utter awe as Bobby, Mo, and Sadio dismantled City in 10 minutes, my slipping off of a stool in an English pub when Alisson made the critical save against Napoli, and King Kenny receiving an overdue honor. And, of course, singing with the Kop as Shaqiri put the finishing touches on the only item on my bucket list.

Amazingly, I think 2019 could top it all.

Happy New Year, mates.

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Jan 30, 2011
Signing VVD
Salah on fire along with Mane and Bobby
Blitzkrieging Porto, Roma and City to CL final
Signing Alisson
Joe Gomez stepping up as a world class CB
Robbo continuing to own the left side
DS and Origi last minute goals
Fat bastard proving half the followers wrong
Top of the league on new year's eve with a mean defence and showing glimpse of an all conquering side.

That's the best year in last decade.
Best moment in last decade is still the King winning the League Cup.


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Apr 29, 2011
Seeing my first LFC game in the official LFC pub in Melbourne and singing allez allez allez in a jam packed space, getting all hot and sweaty from all the jumping around while finally getting a chance to wear my 06/07 beautiful CL kit was a big highlight for me personally.

Just a shame it was the CL final that I was watching. Now I live here I definitely need to get to that pub and watch more of our games. I'm usually just by myself watching, but it's so much better with fellow reds cheering alongside.

In other news, I think the 4-3 win over city and the Origi goal stood out as unbelievable moments. I was also sitting there dumbstruck by being 5-0 up in a CL semi final vs Roma and when the 3rd goal went in vs City in the QF. Hands on my head, couldn't believe what I was seeing.

2018 had some incredible moments, we hardly lost a game really. But ultimately the trophy cabinet isn't any more full. Let's hope we fill it with some serious silverware in 2019 so we can all unanimously list Hendo lifting the PL trophy as our top moment this time next year.


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Jan 8, 2011
So many wonderful memories, what a great season, but we won nothing.

The Mahrez penalty miss was significant.If we win the league, then that miss was vital.


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Jan 6, 2011
There were sooo many in game moments -
1. Oxlade chamberlain - Oh he can hit one!!!!
2. Robertson chasing like crazy and Kop applauding him
3. Origiiii
4. Van dijk and Alisson signing, and then their crazy defending, distribution and Alisson's skills
5. Firminooooo.. The one eyed assassin
6. Shaqs scoring against the scums
7. Roma game and the chants of Mo Salaah and Allez Allez Allez!!

But but but, the below has to be one of my favorite moments - this is soo amazing and shows why we and our players are unique and all share a bond which is further strengthened by our manager. It's a wonderful family and long may this love continue :J:J:J