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MOTM vs Everton (H)

Who's your MOTM?

  • Simon Mignolet

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jon Flanagan

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Martin Skrtel

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kolo Toure

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Aly Cissokho

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Steven Gerrard

    Votes: 64 53.3%
  • Jordan Henderson

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Raheem Sterling

    Votes: 3 2.5%
  • Daniel Sturridge

    Votes: 29 24.2%
  • Philippe Coutinho

    Votes: 19 15.8%
  • Luis Suarez

    Votes: 3 2.5%

  • Total voters


tho your dreams be tossed and blown
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Sep 2, 2013
MrRinsin said:
What a load of crap, this post and cissokho. I've watched the game twice and I'm sorry mate but he was terrible, just like the last two games. The bottling two challenges higher up the pitch first half, the lazy attempts at challenges, the piss poor passes, if we weren't so good as a team his complete inability to resemble a professional footballer should have stank up the ground once more. What a lump.

Motm has to be Stevie, Daniel can't get it for the way he forgot to include his team mates in search of a third and personal glory and finishing the toffees for good and what a stupid penalty but his all round play was awesome and amazing finishes and I feel a little dirty saying anything negative after that game.

Anyone that says Gerard can't play dm, give him a few games anywhere but goalie and he's that good he can give you a solid performance most weeks, today was world class. He'd be a better choice at rb than Johnson this season, IMO.
as I said before, then send him back to Valencia tomorrow and fill LB with someone else for Arse.

not questioning SG was our Best player, but Aly (and Cout) had their best games of the season. Sometimes you needs to spread the love, and Aly deserves a MOTM for HIS game today. Played above himself, made no glaring errors and not a Liability.

Hendo had a quieter game than anyone, and another SHOCKING miss inside 10 yards

hugo the horrible

Ridiculously optimistic.(even more so now)
Oct 24, 2010
Can't go past Stevie for this, a team performance by the lads, but thought Skrtel was a worthy runner up, the guy was awesome.


"¿Plata... O Plomo?"
Sep 18, 2006
Gerrard, Sturridge and Suarez, in that order. Coutinho did well too but the two front men movement mess up the defence big time and their awareness as well.

Happy to see them trying to out score each other.


Well-Known Member
Jan 25, 2014
Has to be captain fantastic. Some crucial blocks and tackles. The CBs also had a great game with no Lukaku to worry about but most of Evertons possession was snuffed out through the middle. Had Mirallas and Barkley in his pocket all game.

That said....Alberto and Kelly could have been in with a shout had they had the full 90. Great cameos.

Hope in your heart

Loyalty and patience, two undervalued concepts.
Jul 16, 2007
I could have gone with almost every player of this team, but reflecting on it, I couldn't give it to anyone else than Stevie. He was fantastic, both in his defensive duties and when he got the ball and launched counter-attacks. He also scored the first goal which sent us on our way.

He was a warrior in the truest sense of the word, all night long, a genuine leader of a great team. He gets a 10 out of 10 from me for his performance.

Special mentions for Skrtel who dealt with everything thrown at him during this game (without shirt-pulling!), for his partner Touré who was equally immense, for Mignolet, Flanagan, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez.

Even Cissokho deserves a mention. He dealt well with all his defensive duties, which were many as Everton had identified him as the weak link, and kept coming from the right and putting him under pressure. He dealt really well with it, but got also great help from his team-mates.

Team-performance: 10/10.
Gaffer decisions and tactics: 10/10


Well-Known Member
Sep 3, 2013
Amazing that Coutinho doesn't get more credit. He was the key to our offense.


New Member
Jan 25, 2014
id of give it sturridge if it wasnt for the penalty miss!!! gotta be stevie g imo especailly after donating 96 grand in the same week!!! living legend :)


Well-Known Member
Aug 24, 2013
Not sure how anyone can't give this to Gerrard.

The type of derby day performance that only he could provide.

theres always tommorrow

Hope is in my heart again
Nov 13, 2010
Stevie Gerrard - no question about it. Total commitment. Scoring the first goal he was the Gerrad of old, rolling back the years.

Special mention for Coutinho, Sturridge, Skrtel, Flandingo and Sterling....and Migs...jees's they all played well. What a great night

Mr v

New Member
Aug 21, 2013
Stevie all day but oh so impressed with sterling. He is getting better and better that lad


TIA Squad Member
Oct 29, 2010
How can it NOT be Coutinho? He was fantastic. Top tackler, worked incredibly hard, had an assist, just an all round beauty of a performance..............and he's been very out of form recently as well. Love him!!


Paul the Octopus
May 30, 2006
Very glad to see the folks who voted for Flanagan and Sterling aren't getting abused the way Lucas was when he got some votes for MOTM vs Spurs. (Was it spurs? Some match where Suarez got a hat-trick... I think it was spurs).

Regardless, goes to show everyone played damn well. Even Cissokho.
Huge performance from all the players. Credit to them and to Rogers for really rinsing every ounce of effort from the lads.


TIA Reserve Team
Aug 26, 2011
Cissokho played well, can we stop this stupid divide between he's shit and he's man of the match. he's neither. He's a second choice left back we took to have a look at and through a lot of injuries he's maybe had to play more than first thought. he's gradually getting better and his work rate is superb so he doesn't deserve half the flak he gets on here. He's played left back for the last few games and we are unbeaten so wind your necks in.