Nabil Fekir (AM/ST) Lyon

What will Fekir be leaning on?

  • The Wall of Champions, pointing at the newly installed 6

  • A giant screen playing the leaked video from last year which we'll use for VAR

  • The railing at Melwood, looking forlornly at it cos he knackered his knee again

  • A bog standard table, with a bog standard pen, and a sheet of random paper

  • A furious Man City fan demanding to know why THEY aren't in the picture as champions

  • Big Virg, because fucking anyone can lean on him

  • An enormous pile of cash that Mick Edwards saved us

  • The crushed spirit of James Pearce

  • His mum, because he's not fucking coming

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Feb 11, 2016
They're a side that should be better than they are:

Javi Garcia, Lo Celso, William Carvallho, Cellabos, Jaoquim, Barrgan, Marc Bartra, Tello, Inui

It;s like the club that once talented and highly regarded players go to chill out.
I only know something about the transfer of Marc Bartra and this is really a sad story. After he got injured during the Dortmund bus bombing attack he developed a "kind of" trauma and decided with a heavy heart to leave because he couldn't forget what happened. Dortmund did let him go for cheap, because Marc wasn't able to sleep or get near the team bus anymore etc.

Maybe they are looking for players like him... not a bad thing tbf

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Sep 25, 2012
Really wouldn't have ended up there if a decent or good team wanted him. Something is definitely wrong.
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