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On this day 33 years ago- In Memory of the Juventus supporters


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Jul 2, 2006
Remembering the 39 Juventus football supporters who lost their lives in Heysal Stadium, Belgium on this day 33 years ago.

In Memoria e Amicizia.

Never ever again.

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Sep 2, 2013
Definitely a black mark on our history, one that many of us modern fans would like forget as it precedes the younger generation of fans.

But it is part of the club's history and as a collective group, respect has to be paid. Unfortunately some cultures still embrace the violence which is associated with past days of European Football. Hoping that Russia is able to get away from that trend for the World Cup, but after the Kiev incidents I believe not

For the most part, I confess to watching LFC in the eighties but in honest truth I didn't develop this love for the club until 2003 when I started backpacking and meeting other fans from Europe. Really started taking an interest in it at that point, attending televised matches at the pubs and even checking out other sports like hurling, Gaelic football, Rugby (got to see the All-Blacks vs Canada in Melbourne in 2003)

Playing in backpacker leagues with lads of serious quality. Sydney had a decent Sunday league which finished up with a dinner and cheap pints afterwards at Scruffy McGuires (on....Liverpool St).

Point is, for me I have always associated the game with the social culture in the background as some of the bonds of playing as youth and senior football can last lifetimes


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Jul 1, 2010
Rocco Acerra 29,
Bruno Balli 50,
Alfons Bos 35,
Giancarlo Bruschera 21
Andrea Casula 11
Giovanni Casula 44
Nino Cerullo 24
Willy Chielens 41
Giuseppina Conti 17
Dirk Daeninckx 38
Dionisio Fabbro 51
Jacques François 45
Eugenio Gagliano 35
Francesco Galli 24
Giancarlo Gonnelli 20
Alberto Guarini 21
Giovacchino Landini 50
Roberto Lorentini 31
Barbara Lusci 58
Franco Martelli 22
Loris Messore 28
Gianni Mastroiaco 20
Sergio Bastino Mazzino 38
Luciano Rocco Papaluca 38
Luigi Pidone 31
Benito Pistolato 50
Patrick Radcliffe 38
Domenico Ragazzi 44
Antonio Ragnanese 49
Claude Robert 27
Mario Ronchi 43
Domenico Russo 28
Tarcisio Salvi 49
Gianfranco Sarto 47
Amedeo Giuseppe Spolaore 55
Mario Spanu 41
Tarcisio Venturin 23
Jean Michel Walla 32
Claudio Zavaroni 28



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Oct 3, 2010
I’m not sure what to say, I I said nothing, as always fans of football should go to a game and return home....

Sadly grounds like Hysen were a disaster waiting to happen, like Hillsborough several years later