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POST MATCH: Burnley 0-3 Liverpool (31 August, 2019)

Man of the Match vs. Burnley?

  • Adrián

    Votes: 10 8.3%
  • Alexander-Arnold

    Votes: 5 4.2%
  • Matip

    Votes: 12 10.0%
  • Robertson

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Henderson (off 71')

    Votes: 12 10.0%
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain (on 71')

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Fabinho

    Votes: 50 41.7%
  • Wijnaldum

    Votes: 6 5.0%
  • Salah

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • Firmino (off 85')

    Votes: 71 59.2%
  • Shaqiri (on 85')

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Mané (off 85')

    Votes: 21 17.5%
  • Origi (on 85')

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Van Dijk

    Votes: 32 26.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Apr 20, 2015
Can't blame Mane for being angry. We should have won 6-0 with better decision making by Salah.

It happens, I'm sure Klopp will sort it out.

Does highlight something to me though - the only thing that can slow this team down is us creating issues for ourselves.
Firmino was pretty useless outside his assit and goal as well. :-(


Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2015
At least this time, he can't complain that the ref punished them too harshly for their "old school" tackle-heavy football. When I come to think of it, he can't complain about anything after this game apart from us being too lethal and good for them.
He will say.......we only lost 1-0..........the first goal was a fluke deflection, the second was a mistake so it doesn't count.

He wont give us any credit.


TIA Youth Team
May 18, 2008
We controlled the game today and could’ve scored a few more. Burnley were their usual over physical selves (They’ll never learn).
I understand why Mane was annoyed with Salah, but he should save it for the dressing room. Now Klopp has to answer endless questions from the media. They won’t let it go.


SUPER Champions of Europe VI
Ad-free Member
Jul 2, 2006
MOTM Milner. I love him
Do you have a nicer word for saying sh*t in english? The meaning is the same but not that bad as "sh*t"
I will have to ask @Scott Jones this.
I thought Scheisse was Sh*t in German. So is Kacke ( how do you pronounce it ka ka?) is it posh way to say Scheisse? In another language (pashto) it means unclelol
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Apr 20, 2015
Great controlled win. Happy to finally get a clean sheet. VVD my motm. Jesus if the ball is within 2 m of him he's guaranteed to deal with it. Don't know what the stats were but I think he dominated today in all the defensive stats.

Now to the incident. I saw Mane was seething as he was running off the pitch. I think he's pissed that he was subbed and not Salah particularly with how selfish Mo has been today and in all the games so far this season. I think Mo is not really in great form and he's not really playing the team game. Two years ago Sadio was the one not in form and he was making selfish decisions. So it goes around in cycles. It wasn't just the chance before his sub today. I recall 3 times when Salah didn't pass when it should have instinctively been his first choice. And that's been a theme so far. He'll come out of it as the season progresses.

Now as for Sadio's reaction. I'm going to admit he's my favourite player and he's become by far the most lethal player we have so keep that in mind . But I think that because he's quite an introverted kind of guy he's never had the same level of support as our other forwards. Unless he's got a new song, I very rarely hear his 'Oh Mane Mane' song being belted out after scoring. Today I heard it briefly maybe 3 mins after he scored. I do wonder whether there is actual resentment toward Salah.. well there usually is when two forwards are fighting for dominance in the same team. Probably makes me appreciate Bobby even more...
Salah was poor today and Mané was good again.
What is Salah doing putting the ball on his right foot to shoot all the time. Come on let's see some deadly finishing.
I think it could go deeper than just a few none recieved passes we'll see or not as the case may be. i think it will be kept quite and someone will do some work behind the scenes and we won't be any the wiser. :)


TIA Reserve Team
Sep 8, 2007
we are so good i can't pick out anyone who plays bad anymore usually... or who needs to lose their spot. Ox looks great coming off the bench though.

great match... and personally I like mane getting upset at Salah today. I'm glad he did that because I was thinking what the fuck a couple of times today why didn't he give it to bobby for an easy goal for sure goal as well.. he basically passed up 2 for sure goals today one to bobbby and one to mane being too selfish bc he wanted his goal which i don't mind in the first place because well he is the best player in the world.. but that's a bit to much if he continues to do that. bobby took the high road and he had more right to be upset at Salah today than Mane actually imo.. any ways I think it's healthy.. they're like brothers fighting basically .. they love each other.