Post Match: Chelsea v Liverpool (FAC 3/3/20 7.45pm)

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  • Williams

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  • Gomez

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  • Van Dijk

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  • Robertson

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  • Fabinho

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  • Lallana [off 80’]

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  • Jones [off 69’]

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  • Mane

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  • Minamino

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  • Origi [off 69’]

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  • Firmino [on 69’]

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  • Milner [on 69’]

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Jul 25, 2011
Nar, it's bollocks. People criticising Gomez on that are simply demanding he superman us out of a dodgy spot. That is not a reasonable expectation, nor is his failure to do that reason for criticism. Good defending is about doing the right thing the vast majority of the time, and that often that means taking the least poor option out of a series of poor options. Such as when you lose the ball and get countered and end up having to run back towards your own goal without turning your back on the play. You;re trying to make sure that if you're going to get beaten it's going to be because they did something really well, while positioning yourself to take advantage of a small slip up form them. Credit to Barkley, he didnt offer that chance and fucking wellied the shot. That is what happens with defending sometimes. You can take the right options and against good players sometimes they will still score. Still, if you go on keep making the right decisions they wont score that often over the course of a season.

Anyway, and it's not rabona. That's the fancy kick where you bring the foot around the wrong side of the standing leg. What I assume you mean are the 5 on 2 drills we see a lot of footage of. Those are Rondos
Amen brother


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Jun 12, 2018
The truth is that is fucking ace being a Liverpool fan right now if the contact is the last two years, and it’s fucking shite being a Liverpool fan if the context is the last two weeks. Both are true.

I confess that I feel a little deflated at the prospect of ‘just’ winning the league, and if that is the outcome I expect I’ll give my head a wobble, realise I’m being a bit of a bellend and reflect on a brilliant season.

But the reasons I think I feel a bit deflated is that, firstly, in all honesty the league was done ages ago and I think we’ve all maybe allowed our minds to drift to thoughts of what else is possible. Secondly I think ‘just’ the league doesn’t really do proper justice to the brilliance of these lads. They deserve to be recorded and immortalised as one of the greatest teams. The achievement so far - to reach March having only recorded one draw and one loss is staggering.
Apropos of this exact sentiment, there is an emotionally affective line from the American version of The Office, said by Ed Helms character Andy Bernard:

"I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them”

It’s been such a beautiful run of football and results that our boys have been on, yet it seems for some they’re letting these last 2 weeks of results undo all of the excitement and wonder that’s been built up over the last few seasons. These same people are going to look back on this time with regret, wishing they would have enjoyed it more.


Apr 20, 2015
What this has to do with Gomez is that it looks to me like, after the shit that Lovren took at the weekend from quite a few people, some other people, who had defended Lovren, were a bit overly keen to ascribe mistakes and faults to Gomez, as a way of righting that injustice. Almost the first post in the Post Match said something like, ‘Well I suppose that was Lovren’s fault as well, was it?’

I might have got this horribly wrong, and it’s just a coincidence. In which case I apologise. But you can see how it looks?
Sure! though getting personal over sarky, funny and 'made in good faith' posts isn't the way forward. But think it was surely you who was looking for an over zealous reaction because of Lovren being critised. Why would it necessarily fall on Gomez? For me it fell on Gomez because Gomez didn't have a particularly good game (by his standards) though the whole team even if better than against Watford against a better team than Watford were not up to the standard we have been accostumed to.
Gomez didn't have a particularly good game, passing was off and some decissions weren't the best. In some of those posts I exaggerated but hey isn't that what we do?
Even so I went to lengths to explain my position and by no means absolved other players (above all Fab and Adrian who both were involved in Chelsea's goals).
The real problem is recently our performance levels have dropped over the whole squad and what were recoverable errors have become unrecoverable errors. That happens yet it puts us on edge.

On the Chelsea goals, I’m not going to argue the second because I don’t remember much about it other than we got caught on the break. If there was a mistake from the lad, fair enough. I’m not going to argue it.

But the first I just don’t accept. Liverpool have been playing those kind of short rabona style passes in around our own box for the last couple of years. So much so, that I think my sphincter muscles could crush a walnut at this point. But I’ve relaxed a bit and accepted that it’s what we do and these boys are good at playing out like this. The ball from Joe is not atypical of our play. We play riskier balls than this all the time.

Secondly Fabinho shows for the ball and makes it clear to Gomez the pass is an option. If he doesn’t want it, he should be telling Joe to empty it.

Thirdly the pass should still be manageable for Fab, who should get it under control, and then has the option of popping back to Adrian or turning on the ball and finding a pass upfield.

The mistake is that he fails to control it, and then the second mistake is Adrian spills it in his own goal. And by the way both are players I really rate and expect to bounce back.
I have explained what I think were Gomez' 'errors' I can not accept that when playing out of defense under a counter press we always play risky passes as often we don't. Even so I don't see the point of trying to play out of trouble when once out of trouble our CB's hoof a ball up toward our forwards. Why not just hoof it up to them to relieve the immediate pressure.
Gomez had very limited options imo.
As for Fabs I havent a clue what he was trying to do. I do contest he was showing for the ball (whatever that means) he was in an atrocious position to recieve it and wasn't moving ended up facing our goal (pass behind him? really couldn't teel what went on there) (for me he was 2 meters too high or far too deep perhaps the question really is where were our other midfielders?
It was a very good counter press by Chelsea (beaten at our own game) :cry:

As for the second goal once it comes down to Gomez it really is a toss up and I have indicated that though I would have prefered him to have 'taken out' the immediate danger which was Barkley. Perhaps he thought Fab would have done better or that Neco would have got over in time. It was panic stations!