POST MATCH: Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United (EPL), Sunday December 16th 2018, 16:00


  • ALISSON Becker

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  • Nathaniel CLYNE

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  • Dejan LOVREN

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  • VIRGIL Van Dijk

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  • Andrew ROBERTSON

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    Votes: 4 1.9%

    Votes: 128 61.5%
  • Naby KEITA (Off 70)

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  • Sadio MANE - G (Off 84)

    Votes: 6 2.9%
  • Roberto FIRMINO

    Votes: 12 5.8%
  • Mo SALAH

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  • Xerdan SHAQIRI - 2G (On 70)

    Votes: 38 18.3%
  • Jordan HENDERSON (On 84)

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TIA 2nd Team
Dec 10, 2010
What a great match. We so easily and marvelously controlled anything they had to offer. Fabinho was immense, so composed and anticipated everything. He passing was unexpectedly brilliant. His assist on the Mane goal was huge. Shaq brought such energy and direct movement into the final third. What a fantastic signing. And Mane’s beautiful goal should not be forgotten…what a fantastic take and strike.

Allison’s slip was unfortunate, but the difference in this team is belief. Gone are the days that one mistake seems to wreck the mentality and focus of the rest of the team. They put that goal aside in mature fashion and continued to stamp their dominance on the pitch.

While that may not be the most important win of the season, it was certainly the most satisfying.


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Jul 31, 2017
Great outcome!! Forceful start was dampened by Alisson giveaway. However, good response in second half but with the introduction of Super Shaq... the rest is history


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Jul 10, 2017
Cube power. Fabinho arrives. Thirty six attempts.....and the ManU fanbase appears to have had enough. Live lookins on RedCafe welcome.

Take it away....
Must agree with you once again :well done:...That's how it looks to have a worldclass midfielder
After Napoli, I said I expected Mane to be our man tonight. He was close....But, between Fab and Shaq....Fabinho my motm :celebrating:


EPL, European & FIFA World club Champions❤✊
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Jul 2, 2006
I am in a blur at the moment can't think straight. I want to give MOTM to a few of the lads. Sigh.

Also, I have to confess I love our Manager to bits (since the day he arrived in Liverpool), I don't know what I will do when Klopp retires from Liverpool.


TIA New Signing
Jul 25, 2011
Awesome performance from our 2 midfield dynamos Fabinho and Gini dominated their midfield, up front Bobby worked his socks off, Mane scored a great goal and was a threat, back 4 strong with a special shout out to Clyney and then theres Shaq ......

After all that motm to Fab, Gini for me pushed him close

peter roberts

On the Celtic Ray
Nov 2, 2015
It seems like we've waited forever for that type of performance against the Mancs , which makes it all the more sweeter. That wasn't just a victory , it was a good old fashioned thrashing and a lesson in how the game of football should be played. Fortune favours the brave and all that.

Excellent performances all round but especially so for Fabinho and Robbo. Can't split 'em , so joint motm.


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Oct 5, 2018
Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane on Sky Sports: "Paul Pogba's days are numbered, they won't sell him in January but he'll move on. It's no big deal, he's left United before.

"If you came down from the moon today and knew nothing about football you'd say United are an average Premier League side. Nothing more. They are Manchester United of the 1980s, they can be a decent cup team."


TIA New Signing
Jun 12, 2009
Amazing Win!
Solid, powerful, skillful. There were two teams of different class and we can only be pleased this is our Liverpool!!!
Everyone in a red shirt tonight deserves good words, especially Shaq - he has X factor and gave us extra power and sharpness.
I'm so, so, so, sooooo happy! No words to describe my joy!!!


"¿Plata... O Plomo?"
Sep 18, 2006
Toe-to-toe with City, throwing punches at each other, landing jabs, hooks and uppercuts. This is going to go all the way down to the wire if both sides continue the way they are. Now we can afford to play for a point at the Etihad, but by the looks of it, with full team we can hurt anyone in the world, let alone the league.

We were in total control, we bossed them from start to finish and they have no answers for us at all. Bear in mind this is our makeshift back 4! Their goal came from a simple mistake by a formidable pair of hands, luck wasn't on his side today. Other than that, they hardly troubled our keeper and that is down to our midfield today. Keita provide the pressing source while Wijnaldum playing the supporting role well in the midfield 3. The man who shines today is Fabinho. Look at his lob to Mane for our first goal. The man has a great eye for a pass. Then check all his tackles and interceptions. Immense would be an understatement to describe him, classy midfielder.

Then we have our front 3. United defended well against Salah, while Firmino still seeking his last season form, that left Mane free to be a menace against their back 4. He was all over, and he took on defenders and drive towards goal. They have no answer for him. That's why it's either him or Fabinho to get my man of the match vote.

Klopp saw what needed to be done and put in Shaqiri, and boy did he make a difference. Scored 2 deflected goals, and if you don't hit it, it won't happen.

Superb display in a very difficult condition and a team parking the bus with giants heading the ball out. Comparing this side to the 13/14 side, this side has far more confidence and control. Very happy with how we have progressed. We are definitely going places with Klopp at the helm.

I give my Man of the Match to Fabinho!


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May 10, 2014
So many choices for MoTM and every player in red can hold their heads height after this game.

Going for Shaqiri as he changed the game when he came on but Fabinho was immense.

Now a four day break whilst the others from the top six have a mid week game.


DoctorJimmy: knee-high flying tackle specialist
May 18, 2016
I am in a blur at the moment can't think straight. I want to give MOTM to a few of the lads. Sigh.

Also, I have to confess I love our Manager to bits (since the day he arrived in Liverpool), I don't know what I will do when Klopp retires from Liverpool.
He won't outstay his alloted time and we won't see him mourning for all the glory of yesteryear from the directors' box. He has a huge range of possible life choices outside football including eg political office.


FSG PR plant
Aug 13, 2008
I was another underwhelmed at our purchase of Shaqiri, but perhaps he said it best in his moments-ago interview. At Stoke it was harder to show his qualities because the team spent so much time defending the ball. I'll use that as my excuse.
I'm taking that one too. Much better acquisition than I expected, nowhere near as selfish a player as I thought.


TIA Reserve Team
Sep 8, 2007
Fabinho with a breakout performance today... Fab looked awesome and Shaq coming on was an absolute game changer! what a signing he has been....! when you can bring on a player of Shaq's abilities in the 2nd half... it's just to much for most teams to compete with...