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POST MATCH: Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United (EPL), Sunday December 16th 2018, 16:00


  • ALISSON Becker

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nathaniel CLYNE

    Votes: 4 1.9%
  • Dejan LOVREN

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • VIRGIL Van Dijk

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Andrew ROBERTSON

    Votes: 10 4.8%

    Votes: 4 1.9%

    Votes: 128 61.5%
  • Naby KEITA (Off 70)

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Sadio MANE - G (Off 84)

    Votes: 6 2.9%
  • Roberto FIRMINO

    Votes: 12 5.8%
  • Mo SALAH

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Xerdan SHAQIRI - 2G (On 70)

    Votes: 38 18.3%
  • Jordan HENDERSON (On 84)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2015
"If you came down from the moon today and knew nothing about football you'd say United are an average Premier League side. Nothing more. They are Manchester United of the 1980s, they can be a decent cup team."

Roy Keane - 2018

norwegian wood

TIA Regular
Feb 23, 2007
That was good. Really good. ManU looked like a semi-plucky mid table team. It might as well have been Southampton or Crystal Palace, that's how much better we were. No real contest.

The best thing was the reaction to their goal. Just kept playing, no worries.

MOTM was Fabinho for me. As usual the whole team performance was solid, but I thought he was a notch above the rest.

And Shaq! My guy. Almost forgot to mention him. What a signing he has been so far.

17 games, 45 points. That is wild.



Totally dominated and deservedly won 3-1, score didn't flatter us at all in my opinion. I never felt we'd concede after their first goal, and a goal for us always felt like coming, barring a brief spell where we reverted to shooting from distance. But the solution was on the bench and came at the right time to change the game and give it an extra push! Klopp's changes were spot on, with Henderson adding to midfield control and pressure after 3-1.
What a goal and assist by Mane, my MOTM! Absolute boss of an off the ball movement, chests it down and blasts it in before hitting the ground for his goal, and absolute beast of a head on dribble for his assist! Made the two first goals happen, which won us the game! Such a reaction after his Napoli misses!!!
Top performance by Fabinho, outstanding cameo by brace-scoring Shaq who looked like he was possessed! Great game by Robertson, solid game at the back for Clyne (without criticising him, because he offered a very safe shift when we needed it, I really missed TAA's forward surges, but thankfully we didn't need them in the end).
Finally beaten Utd after 5 years in the league, a great hoodoo to break and a great summing up of a great week!
So happy today! :)

Great to have you back ....... ! :well done:


Well-Known Member
Apr 5, 2013
Glad to see you back on the board, hope you have been well
Cheers mate, I'm always reading the posts here and I'm well, but being too awfully distracted by work to find the time to post properly and regularly... hope this can change soon! What a team we have built and what an exciting era! Hope trophies will reflect our level soon! I really don't want to miss sharing the excitement with the amazing Liverpool community here! :)

Edit: @Caradoc Cheers to you as well mate, great every time I'm over here reading or posting.
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Klopp Klopp
Dec 4, 2010
Ha! Not posted much at all this season due to being very busy in personal life, but got to make an exception today. Fucking well done to our team for crushing these bastards. 3-1 makes them get off very lightly indeed. The only thing that approaches the joy of us doing so well this season is the absolute carnage created by Mourinho. Right now he's like their Hodgson, creating new negative records every week. Long may it continue.

As for us, we won in the end by two very lucky goals, but we were far superior and deserved to win by more. Not even when Moyes was in charge was the difference between these two teams so stark. Shows both the amazing job done by Klopp aswell as the fantastic work Mourinho is putting in down the road. Whatever happens this season, we have an fantastic team here and should treasure them. I just hope it results in a trophy which the team so richly deserves. It feels unjust we have our best team in decades just at the moment that City reach their peak, but eh, what can you do about it. All we can do is keep hanging in there and hope a bit of luck falls our way, but what a far cry this is compared to a couple of years ago when we were all dreaming of perhaps challenging for the top four. Klopps impact has been immense.


Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2008
Always great to win a potential banana skin game against a useless mid-table team.
Great prep for when we play against a decent team this coming Friday.

I thought both Firmino and Fabinho were both very good today.

Well done lads.


Well-Known Member
Dec 11, 2018
This was a fantastic game ! Everyone played more than well.. We completely canceled United's play and our dominance was almost complete. When I worried that we were banging our heads against a rather solid wall, Klopp brought on Shaqiri, and well, deflections or no deflections, those were damn good and very important efforts that resulted in goals. A Smashing result and really important points! :)


TIA Regular
Ad-free Member
May 5, 2007
Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho on Sky Sports asked if he can "fix" their current situation: "What do you mean by fix? Win the title? Of course not.
"We can still finish fourth. It's not easy. For sure we are going to finish in the top six. Best we can get is fourth. Now we look to the fifth and then later the fourth."

They are 8 points behind 5th with a 14 goal difference. 4th is gone for them and had Arsenal not fucked up against Southampton, 5th would be out of the question as well.

Everyone down to Brighton on 21 points are more likely to jump them than they are to jump Arsenal and Chelsea so realisticly they are looking at possibly finishing 13th

big noyd

Well-Known Member
May 20, 2016
clyne managed to contribute going forward, while playing within himself. has mistakes in him but not a bad defender. if he can maintain fitness i'd like to see him become clear second-choice at right back. (maybe left back too)

fabinho is one of three players we can play in a midfield 2 imo, even bionic milner needs an occasional rest. keita & hendo both miss games

gomez is vvd's long-term partner, let him focus on that


Well-Known Member
Ad-free Member
Sep 23, 2016
Just got in from the game. Quick shower and change and off to the airport hotel. We're off on our hols at 06.30 in the morning. Sorry but I haven't got time to read all the preceding posts. I'm sure that they're all worth more than the one like that I can give them. No MOTM poll up so I'll go for every blooming one of them and also the crowd. @Alright Now, hope you had a fantastic day. What memories to take home with you. I'll hopefully log on whilst I'm away and catch up with the great site and posters that are TIA.



Apr 20, 2015
Lots up for discussion.
The negatives, well Shaquiri, no way should he be plan B he's Plan A for me.
Wijnaldum his hesitations were bum clenching moments thankfully that only lasted 20 minutes then he had a wonderful game.
Where Manure were better than us, Corners, ok Wijnaldum put in bog standard corners but this level demands more, Robertson's were pathetic however Salah's were even worst.
2nd error of the season by Becker, well he got away with it.
Keita and his defensive positioning he's got some work to do, I still prefer Wijnaldum over Keita btw.
Our slow play infront of the opposition defense thank our lucky stars we have Robertson, Mané and Shaquiri came on.

The positives, with both Keita and Wijnaldum getting forward Firmino had more space and Firmino looked much better today.
Fabinho is starting to look like the player he was before Klopp got his hands on him. :J
Clyne impressed me good solid game.
Taking those long shots, good idea but they need to be on target to force the bus out.
Mané, Shaquiri, Fabinho and Robertson all great today.

Winning against that pile of shit. :celebrating:


TIA Youth Team
Jul 10, 2010
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho on Sky Sports: "They are the strong team, but it's hard to concede two goals in the moment we conceded and the way the goals happened.
"Our difficult moment was the first 20 minutes. We couldn't cope with their fantastic intensity and pressing, but then we were quite calm and it was controlled.
"They became really frustrated when their centre-backs came forwards and fired shots into the stands - that was the period when it was more in control.
"There were two easy goals for Shaqiri and because of the deflections there was no chance.
"If you speak about fortunate you speak about their second and third goals."
He’s delusional. He’s just outdated. He simply doesn’t know what hit him. Long may he stay.