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Post match: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle

Man of the Match

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Dec 7, 2017
Grew into that game after a sluggish start. The turning point was Firmino coming on. Unfortunately the drop-off between the front 3 and Origi is stark. We completely lacked any fluency or rhythm in attack until Firmino was introduced.


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Jul 10, 2007
Roberto Firmino..............was absolutely unplayable today, world class. That was a real important result, NUFC came to shut us out and we persisted and were paid our dues. This team is some machine. Ox is getting better, he will need time everyone. Not sure about Origi out wide. Fabinho is a close second MOM he owns every area he plays in. Formidable, fortress Anfield restored. Hard of me not to mention Mane who took both openings when we needed them, but I suppose we get used to that from our most reliable player.


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Jul 31, 2017
Lackluster performance IMHO. However, three points taken, perfect record, first place secured, ample of time to rest and recover for Tuesday. Bobby is such a vital part of the starting line up, he’s my motm

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Jul 16, 2007
Firmino's passing is indescribably good.
The rest of the team wasn't bad either.

Loved how we casually brushed them aside despite conceding first. Business as usual.
Well to be fair, it wasn't as easy as that, at least to my eyes. With hindsight we can say this of course, but big parts of the first half, we were totally harmless in the attacking third. A few players had a real stinker, Ox being the obvious one imo. Because of him, we could have found ourselves at 2-2 in the second half. Salah bar his goal and one or two moments of brilliance wasn't at the same level than Mané and Bobby. Our two full-backs were far from their best level, and Fabinho, for totally understandable reasons, was a bit off at times.

To the credit of all these lads though, they raised their game during the second half, and towards the end of the game, they were all collectively flying again. I thought that Milner (reinforcing the midfield) and also Shaq (some nice little through balls and finding the forwards from midfield with ease) contributed to that when they came on.

Oh, and fair play to Newcastle. They gave us a game, but in the end, hadn't enough quality to hold us off.


One I won't say fair play to is that idiot who was in in the VAR room today. Fortunately, our lads found a way through despite of his hopeless incompetence.
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Oct 19, 2014
Haha, I've put it in now. Remember, three votes are possible. I've opted for Mané and Bobby (pretty obvious ones) and VVD who was excellent again. Matip and Adrian could be serious nominees too.
Adrian? Was a bystander most of the game mate and I don't want to be one of those but as drilled as that shot is, he should have saved it. It went into the top corner at a fair clip but from the angle and the distance he was off his line it passed by relatively close to him at just above head height. He went with the wrong hand. That type of top hand stop is for higher elevation shot, this wasn't. If you look at the behind the goal angle of the shot as its hit and note the position of his stance and then as it passes him you'll see that his left hand is actually very close to where the ball would pass him as it's hit compared to his right hand which he has had to reach across his body to try and get to the ball. I had exactly the same criticism of Karius; get the closest hand to the ball and reaction times will be quicker. Average technique. I get he's back up but still, he's in the team for a significant period and he's already let in goals that he should not be. Let's hope it doesn't bite us on the backside.