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POST MATCH: Liverpool v Newcastle (EPL 26/12/2018 3pm)

Man of the Match

  • Alisson

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Alexander-Arnold

    Votes: 7 4.5%
  • Lovren [GOAL 11’]

    Votes: 34 21.8%
  • Van Dijk

    Votes: 8 5.1%
  • Robertson [off 80’]

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • Henderson

    Votes: 46 29.5%
  • Wijnaldum [off 61’]

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • Shaqiri [GOAL 79’]

    Votes: 19 12.2%
  • Salah [GOAL 47’]

    Votes: 20 12.8%
  • Firmino [off 68’]

    Votes: 8 5.1%
  • Mane [GOAL 31’]

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • Fabinho [on 61’, GOAL 84’]

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Sturridge [on 68’]

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Clyne [on 80’]

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-Known Member
Feb 8, 2015
The next two matches are extremely important not because if we lose both we’re out of the Title race but because if we win both its going to put us in an incredibly strong position. Spurs have much easier corresponding fixtures and if they don’t make up any ground on us over the next two rounds they’re going to find it very difficult moving forward. They still have tough away fixtures to Chelsea, City and Anfield and home games against Arsenal and United to come.
Absolutely. If we can keep the gap to even 4 points it will be massive given we are the only contender who will have played 2 of the 'big 6' twice. I've included Manchester United in that for hysterical historical reasons.
Spurs' run atm is pretty easy on paper but with 2 cup games against Chelsea (and possibly a final v City) and the resumption of the CL they are going to have a brutal schedule coming up.


Well-Known Member
Jun 14, 2017
Was at the match today. Good performance. Not great as we could still have done better but we simply didn't need to today.:well done:
Professional performance and the lads did well. Firmino had an off day but the rest of the squad did good. Clyne had a little hiccup as he should have kicked the ball out for a throw but he lost the ball but Alisson saved our clean sheet. Lovren and Van Dijk were awesome and what a beast Virgil really is. Whenever he had the ball the Newcastle attackers almost gave up running and slowed down. It was incredible to watch and very satisfying.
We contained them and Newcastle had no chance, really no chance.

Shitty lost and now Spurs are our closest rivals. Just think of this: Spurs are having THEIR best ever season...EVER but still not as good as our season. We're 6 points above them with a more superior goal difference (our goal difference is now equal with shitty).

We dare to dream but I do know we're only halfway there. Keep it up and make us all dream as this season is going along great...! :well done:


Yours for £1m. Need to make room for Dean Saunders
May 24, 2007
Mauling. Almost felt like a belated pressie from Rafa the way he selected the team and set them up. Was a hang on job from the kick off for them, and then the dam busted.
Thats what you get for being the best team in the league. Rafa rested his players for Watford, and expected nothing from the match. We had that game won well before 3pm this afternoon.


The next big test for Liverpool is how they respond when they lose their first match. We’ve seen what its done to City and it does put doubts in the mind again. Spurs are my big concern right now because they’re coming through like a steam train and have two straightforward fixtures compared with Arsenal (h) and City (a) for us. After that if we pick up points from those two fixtures, Spurs will find things difficult.


Well-Known Member
Feb 24, 2003
Another good win, a bit sloppy in patches but luckily for us Newcastle pre-determined their destiny before they arrived it seemed.

Ended up giving Hendo MotM 2 good games on the bounce, did well for the 3rd goal and overall again he has been more positive in his play.

VvD is a freak, he was overhead clearing balls and finding feet... some form he is in, really wanting to push on as well when the game is safe and try and score. Love it.

Good to see Trent back, had a good game with some nice delivery from the right hand side.

On to arsenal.


Well-Known Member
Feb 3, 2016
The team looks so confident and calm (as you like) that I'm even starting to fear it. If it's not that season for us then I've simply run out of any ideas on what should be done to finally achieve it. It's that point now when it's extremely difficult to think of anything else. People say these two games will be almost the most important in the title race but hell no. Every next game until the end of the season has the highest level of importance even if we get 6 points in the next two. But hell watching this Liverpool team is such a delight. If we manage to remain injury-proof then it will be certainly a key to success.

-The Analyst-

Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2016
Its seem to have been a collective opinion that if we are above City after we play them, we are serious title contenders.

Whatever happens, we will be above City after the game against them on the 3rd jan.

Which means we should now be considered serious title contenders


Active Member
Jul 10, 2016
the real test in the next 2 matches
hope we can get full 6 points from them
but yeah enjoy the moment
we're on the top because of our performance


FSG PR plant
Aug 13, 2008
A calm as you like atmosphere and game really. Lovren started us beautifully with a well taken half volley that he belted into the top corner. A striker's finish. Mo then went down rather easily though the ref was blowing his whistle for the slightest nudge so it makes sense to me to go down easy if the ref was going to call it that way. Richard Keys thinks it was simulation and Mo might be in trouble by the FA and they can suspend him for 2 games if found guilty. If that happens I think we should kick up a storm about how it was our first pen since October 2017 that should shut them up.

7 points ahead of City and the GD even. Oh and Spurs have caught up with City so they are 6 points behind us. At this point the league really is ours to lose.
Keys is a buffoon. It is scarcely worth considering the opinions of someone who has never played the game at a high level, nor done a refereeing course....but has managed to get himself fired for saying stupid things about a referee.

Firstly, the FA are not going to overturn a call made on the field where there is no obvious error of judgement - and there was absolutely contact. It was soft, but it is impossible to know how much of it is deliberately going down easy, and how much is a smaller man off-balance getting shoved as he tries to shift his balance. The FA will never overturn a referee's call on that.

Secondly, it was a clear penalty. The only reason it is even vaguely controversial is because of how stupid a foul it was - arms extended into Salah's body, perpendicular to the line of sight of the referee, preventing Salah from completing a move. The referee has a better view of it than any of the camera angles. Salah going to ground is essentially irrelevant to the actual rules violation, though of course we all know that he probably doesn't get it otherwise. A defender who uses his arms to impede an attacker in the box is just inviting the referee to award a penalty.


TIA Regular
Jun 19, 2007
the real test in the next 2 matches
hope we can get full 6 points from them
but yeah enjoy the moment
we're on the top because of our performance
Anything more than Zero points and we will still be top! That is a great place to be with very little pressure. Imagine the pressure on City if they go into the Jan 3rd still 7 or more points behind!


Forget all that, lets just focus on Arsenal for now and see where things stand after that!

We have only conceded 7! AND, 2 of those were our own fault! That is a mad Stat! Allisson and VVD have taken our defence to a place I can barely remember ( late 70's early 80's!)! And our attack seems to be finding that cohesion we were lacking early on! If they click fully like last season we are going to have a hell of a ride until May!