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POST MATCH Thread: Liverpool 1-2 Man Utd


FSG PR plant
Aug 13, 2008
I've no problem with refs making mistakes. I just want consistency. Van Persies challenge in the same game was worse than Shelvey, and it only got a yellow. The challenge on Henderson last night was even worse than both and didn't even produce a card.

Every single week we're getting shafted by referees and I'm sick of it.
Just moving it outside of an LFC perspective - the consistency is woeful. Take those tackles you note, plus Luiz on Walters this past weekend, and put them in any kind of ranking. The card versus the severity of the offence just makes no sense.


TIA First Team
Jun 12, 2007
Defo see were Martinez is coming from but its been like that for years with whiskey nose and refs also the FA.
I hope Martinez fights his corner give the FA the video from Our game on sunday and many more evidence thats gone on in the past.
after what welbeck did, its disgusting that martinez has been charged


TIA Youth Team
Oct 21, 2010
Here is a case in point.

The first bad tackle Shelvey makes (the one he gets away with right on the touchline near the dugout) a couple of United players, and Ferguson, all chip in to say that the ref needs to keep an eye on him and he is being reckless. Not angry or raging. Twenty minutes later he is gone. They sowed the seed, and steered Halsey to that decision. It why Shelvey has a pop at Slur Alex on his way off.

Ref management. We need to be cuter.
I see your point but I would remain to be convinced it would work for anyone other than United, perhaps in other games but not in games between us and them. If we had been buttering the ref up in the same way would he have sent Evans off? Van Persie? Given Suarez the penalty? I doubt it to be honest. It's a very interesting theory but I really don't think it would've made much difference to the decisions of the ref at the weekend.