Post Match: Young Boys 3-5 LFC


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Sep 28, 2008
Yaaaay! We won! We won! *jumps up and down* This proves it! We win matches when I stop watching. Yesterday after it became 3-2 against us, I decided that I was the cause of bad luck as usual, so stopped watching hoping that next day I'd read in papers of us beating them 4-3. But we beat em 5-3! Imma check highlights nao. ^_^
Please don't watch the match on Sunday! I BEG OF YOU!


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Jun 23, 2003
I could swear they only played one game with each other, which we lost 3-0!

I for one hope to never see them paired again, both are way to deep sitting and passive going forward to ever be a succes for the team as a whole I reckon.
Unless we actually had the offensive of barcelona, but we don't so no need to draw comparisions with them to the favor of Lucas only and now Allen too, it's beyond naive to ever think we play like them cause of them two only, it really is, and I'm quite tired of it to be honest.
where have you been all of my life?

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Oct 24, 2010
Finally saw some of this game.

Pleased for the young lads getting a run,certainly Suso and Wisdom looked pretty good.
Assaidi a reasonable debut for us,expect to see more of him.

Hendo I thought played pretty well,and Shelvey coming on and scoring two, like the look of this lad, some rough edges, but expect that to be sorted. Hendo will benefit from being brought along a bit slower- not out there every game.

Down side, Carra, sorry, as for starting, your time is up, Enrique, what has happened with him,sure he's had injuries, started well last season but hasn't shown anything for a while.
Downing, when I think I supported this guy, I wonder what I was thinking.
As has been said earlier(in other ways) he doesn't seem to want to be there,the idea of him and Enrique down the left,which I looked forward to now fills me with dread.

Maybe he spends the game thinking about his bank account!

All in all, a fair result against poor opposition, but conceding 3 is a worry, fortunately not with our normal defence, but then they haven't been brilliant so far either.Work to be done, but encouraging signs from the kids.


hurry up, July 1st, let's get the show on the road
Jun 23, 2003
It's still strange to feel happy about coming from behind young boys...
The next round can't come any quicker...
enough with the young boys jokes....

there getting too old.....boom boom...


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Sep 22, 2012
Jonjo Shelvey is going to be better than Stevie G. Trust me on that.
I'm with you there. While it may be a bit early to make such a call, I can certainly see where you're coming from. Shelvey possesses a lot of the attributes that Gerrard had in his prime, and it seems that he will only get better as the season progresses.

As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather see Shelvey get more minutes in the league than Gerrard. Hendo should get more minutes as well. Stevie is still a weapon for the team, but it is clear that he isn't the player he once was, and if our young midfielders are to get any better, they need more minutes. I'd start Gerrard against the bigger clubs, but in an effort to maintain his fitness, I say give Hendo and Jonjo a run out against lesser league teams.

Gerrard has not played up to his usual standards yet this season. He's even been shocking at times, and I hope that Rodgers won't be hesitant to insert our young boys into his weekend lineups if he continues to put in those kinds of underwhelming performances.

He is a club legend, but so is Carra, and he hasn't been up for it for the past few seasons. I pray the same doesn't happen to Stevie.

I'm really hoping to see Jonjo get a run out on Sunday considering the way he played in this game. Hendo as well, especially if he continues to work hard and play well in our European fixtures. They were both brilliant. Hendo was MOM, mostly because he played the entire game and was impressive throughout, but Shelvey is a close second for me.


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Aug 27, 2010
RedBJ--Agree re Lucas.
Marlborough Man. --Yes that is what I am saying. Sadly I doubt it will ever be proven as Brendan obviously thinks Gerrard is vital to our attack.
Arminius, ---Spot on re Downing.Thought the same ever since his M'boro days.
1Dragon--You do not acieve what Gerrard has by being tactically unaware.
Quagmire--Agree re Lucas/Allen. Our CB's were left exposed to 1 v 1's on numerous occasions.Hence the goals.

Have to admit Gerrard is not the force he was but he has a couple of good years in him yet.


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Aug 24, 2010
The thing about Gerrard is this, he has the ability to play almost every position on the field. My only concern is how many times he's given the ball away cheaply this year. I'm not talking about teasing through balls or long balls that don't come off, but simple short passes to players wearing the wrong color. I expect, from a pro of his caliber, for this to improve. I also agree that it would be good to see him up front on the right, or even as suggested on Tomkinstimes, up front. I know we have attacking limitations, but to me Lucas' injury is the bigger blow. Allen and Sahin can cover this position and they are good players, but neither of them offers the defensive solidity that Lucas provides.

Its funny. One day I think the future is dim, we are too thin, we're not putting goals away, etc... The next day I'm excited, we have a dynamic coach, are trying to play good football, and we have some stellar youth to look forward to. Maybe I just need some medicine to even out my moods, cause God knows this club takes up too much of my life and emotions.


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Jul 3, 2010
Missed the game but reading the reports I was very puzzled by the starting XI. I know we scored 5 and should be happy but I cannot see the logic in having 2 strikers in the squad and starting both on the bench. Glad to see Suso and Wisdom getting an opportunity- both of them have got potential to make it into the first team. What has happened to Flanno & Robinson?- Are they both injured.