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Pre-match: Aston Villa vs Liverpool (ELC Q/F 17/12/2019 19:45)

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Jul 19, 2016
If it is to survive it needs serious reform. It should become a competition for the leagues below the Prem, or perhaps an U21 competition as there is a need to beef up competitive fixtures for younger players trying to make their way through.

Back in the day it was something. I remember winning the Milk Cup year after year. But it feels like it is losing its shine and has been that way for more than a few years.
I'd like to at least see teams with European commitments taken out of the competition.

It would prevent some of the ridiculous fixture congestion we see in December/January and more importantly, it'd give lower-mid table sides a much more realistic shot at a trophy.


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May 24, 2007
im the opposite, let the burn set in, it might be tough to watch and take, but in the long term....

i remember years ago our experienced tough as nails centre forward gave a young centre back a lesson in hard, fair, and sometimes not so fair play.

the sidelines and coaches on the opposite bench were going mental....'hes just a kid'....was the general theme - relating to the more aggressive stuff......

half time comes and the coach had one thing to say (on that subject).....'fuck them, he wants to step on a mans pitch, he can play with the men, if hes not ready, its their fault, not ours'

it might seem merciless, but from a learning experience its doing them the world of good, and mentally, whilst i understand the train of thought that AV could act a bit more classy, i think it sends a better message out to our kids that they are equals, if they back off through 'pity' then whats that message?
Normally I would agree with that but on this occasion we haven’t chosen to put out a team of 16 year olds. That’s down to the football league being bellends about the schedule.

A lot of these kids should not be out there. They’ve done amazingly well, and not let anyone down, but it’s clearly a level above them. They should not have been it in this position.

I would expect Villa to bear in mind they’ve have been essentially given a bye into the semi final, and behave with a bit of humility.
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