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Pre Match: Bradford City v Liverpool (14/7/19 3.00 pm)


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May 24, 2007
Verb: catch one's foot on something and stumble or fall.

Noun: a stumble or fall due to catching one's foot on something.

In which frame does Lewis catch Donaldson's foot and trip him?

Donaldson can be seen to strike the ball with the outside of his right foot (frame 12 above). Striking the ball in this fashion imparts a clockwise spin on the ball (from the striker's perspective) which would tend either, to make the ball travel in a straight line, or to have a tendency to swerve to the right (from the striker's perspective) unless some other force acts upon the ball, such as another player touching the ball after Donaldson (e.g. frame 15 above).

If Lewis doesn't touch the ball, why doesn't it travel in the expected direction? :think:

And what possible force could have acted upon Donaldson causing him to raise his left leg and and enter into a "Kanesque" roll?
Mate, it’s a penalty. I appreciate the effort, but really?


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Sep 26, 2012
Mate, it’s a penalty. I appreciate the effort, but really?
Mostly what I got out of all the detailed looks here is just how daft a challenge it was. Opponent was running AWAY from goal touching the ball out of the penalty box to try to keep possession and posing no threat whatsoever to our goal. And Lewis lunges recklessness in anyway. I'd be tempted to give a penalty for the stupidity of it even if I didn't think it was as clear and easy a penalty decision as you're likely to see.