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Pre Match Cardiff City v Liverpool (EPL 21/04/19 KO 16:00)

Scott Jones

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Mar 8, 2016
Bobby and Henderson to start this one with the rest the same as yesterday,they'll try the dirty fucking stuff as that's all they've got under old shithead Worzel but we'll have far too much ball and two goals in each half so a healthy 4-0 victory to us,overall another fucking poor performance all round. :cheers:


Anfield kick about
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May 30, 2017
Bobby and Henderson to start this one with the rest the same as yesterday,they'll try the dirty fucking stuff as that's all they've got under old shithead Worzel but we'll have far too much ball and two goals in each half so a healthy 4-0 victory to us,overall another fucking poor performance all round. :cheers:
If Bobby and Hendo start, with the rest the same - that gives us 13 players. I like your style Mr Jones, but Colin won't allow that.

But what a masterstroke from Klopp to leave them 2 out, freshens up the 11.... Hell for leather. 3-0 by half time.

Sadly, Im in London during the match - have a black tie do - and it starts at 5pm.... but I'm sure Sky Sports will be on somewhere.


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Apr 2, 2014
This is definitely our biggest game of the season so far; it’s a must-win game with the potential to be a real banana skin. Still, if we can’t beat this lot then we don’t deserve to win the League.

Oh.... it’d also be great to assist the relegation of a team managed by that bitter old tosser Colin


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Jul 10, 2007
A mate Ive known 10 years or more through music (turns out he hates Scousers but we never talk football) mentioned today he thinks we may get done in Cardiff, called it a cauldron and with that bastard manager of theirs, together with them facing relegation, they could end our title chase. Fucking no chance, and I'll stick to talking about music in future, because he knows something about that. The Newcastle game is far more difficult.

We should turn these kebab house boys over cheaply enough.


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Aug 13, 2008
Cardiff have 4 games to get 3 points (because of GD) plus whatever Brighton gets. They probably pick up 3 points from Fulham. Their other two are Palace, then ManU away. Not great fixtures for them. Brighton has Arsenal and Spurs to play yet, both away, can't see anything there. They play Wolves away this weekend, which I can't see Brighton getting anything from either. Brighton's chance is with Newcastle coming.

So, does Cardiff take a draw on Sunday? That point would mean Brighton would only be on 34 with a draw against Newcastle, and Cardiff would likely survive with a win over Fulham the week before. Or are they going to try to keep it close, then open it up late and hope to grab a goal?


Anything But Normal
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Jan 6, 2011
Another fucking final. 7 more games to go to do the unprecedented double.
The margins for error are now 0. Have to be ruthless.
My line up would be:
TAA..... Matip....VVD....Robbo
.......... Hendo...Fab...Keita....
Mane.......... Firmino......Salah

All i care is a victory. And praying for spurs fucking shitty again.


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Jan 14, 2012
All jokes aside, this is genuinely a real banana skin. I can see them sitting back and playing for a draw, hoping to win the other games to claim their league safety. I am expecting a real nervy, arm wrestle and a possible 1-1 draw.

I don't think the other fixtures went our way at all this week. Cardiff's mid week win gives them hope and a little more belief. Man City will be extra determined following their Champions League exit. Unlikely wins for Brighton and Southampton on Saturday may knock some of Cardiffs enthusiasm down. Either way, i think the league is decided within the next week.


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Oct 11, 2007
Don’t care about city. It’s irrelevant what they do.

I want this club to get the 97 points these lads deserve. I’ll take wherever that leaves us as a phenomenal season.
You and me both, 97 points is colossal in every sense if the word. It would leave 99.999 % of us utterly gruntled. When you do your very best and achieve levels beyond any sensible comparison in history, you can only hold magnificent joy, happiness and hope in your heart. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point?

Queue many posters googling gruntled and being pleasently surprised and using it with their relatives all over Easter :) You’re welcome!
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Feb 8, 2015
Just went on flash scores to see who the ref was and I was thinking "I bet it's that cunt Atkinson". And guess what?


Epstein didn't kill himself
Jul 10, 2017
I'm beginning to like this match thread opening sequence now, it's a winning combo, @Scott Jones' detailed analytical preview of the game followed by @PeachesEnRegalia thoughtful synopsis of the tactical options likely to produce the best outcome.

We're firing on all cylinders now and I'm expecting a comfortable 3 nil twatting by the Redmen.
You’ve left out @cynicaloldgit’s biting lead-up commentary on every match. He always has something unique and interesting to say about every side we’re facing.

You wouldn’t see this kind of in-depth analysis on bastard redcafe.


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Sep 16, 2016
For me, this will be harder than Newcastle away, simply because Newcastle are all but secure and Cardiff are very much in a dog fight because of Brighton's shit recent form. I even wouldn't rule out Rafa easing off the throttle a bit if he can see us going all the way.

After spending far too much time going over the various ramifications of Cardiff beating Brighton, I wasn't able to arrive at any convincing conclusion as to what would have been the better result. Cardiff won, so now have everything to play for. Brighton lost and may still be battling it out till the last day, when they play Citeh. Had Cardiff lost, they would almost have bugger all to play for and subsequently Brighton on the last day.

Need to pull myself together and stop bloody rambling. This squeaky bum finish to the season isn't doing me any good!

Just beat every team in front of us and see what happens at the end. That's all we can do.

TAA Matip VVD Robbo
Hendo Fab Keita
Mo Bobby Mane

If it was Atkinson who reffed the Cardiff/Chelsea game (??), I hope he doesn't have a "make up call" on his conscience for costing Cardiff points in that game.

3 points anyway we can and onto the next one. Get in there lads!!!


Sep 10, 2007
I’m more relax about this game than usual. We played Porto away,which is more superior team than Cardiff
and beat them comfortably,even though we were mediocre. I can’t see them sitting back and playing for
a draw, as they need the win as much as we do. Hendo definitely to start.


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Apr 12, 2018
Tales of the Unexpected

England and Wales have been at war for most of modern history. England has won all but one of the wars which ended in a draw - Wales LLDLL. LLDLL is, of course, a small town near Chepstow. Cardiff officially became the capital of Wales in 1955. Prior to 1955 anywhere that 3 men in black pointy hats gathered was considered the Welsh Capital.

Cardiff's main tourist attraction is Cardiff Castle. But if you want to get away from the mad crush of 20 or 30 middle aged tourists then head to one of Cardiff's lesser-known castles, Castle Coch. With its fine upstanding turrets "The Coch" as it is known by locals, laid in ruins for centuries. But with careful and gentle handiwork "The Coch" was raised again and is now visible, especially in early mornings, straining skyward in all its glory.

Historically Cardiff was once a seething mass of drunks, criminals and speech impediments. It's now a modern thriving city filled with drunks criminals and people who have learned English. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, Cardiff was once home to the infamous Pirate Captain Morgan, who was born in Llanrumney a suburb of Cardiff. He of course soon got the hell out of Cardiff and moved to civilisation in the Carribean.
After retiring from piracy, the lash, and sodomy, Captain Morgan became a photographic model whose image, to this day, can still be seen on products all over the world.

Famous people from Cardiff include WW2 fighter ace and author Roald Dahl, TV "funnyman" Griff Rhys Jones and Cardiff's most famous son - Craig Bellamy who bravely escaped from Cardiff and went on to play for the world's greatest football club.

Another professional footballer - Ryan Giggs, most famous for repeatedly sleeping with his brother's wife, was also born in Cardiff. Giggs at the time of the scandal campaigned for increased privacy laws, primarily to protect and uphold civil liberties, and to stop his wife from finding out. He was incredibly successful and to this day nobody knows about him sleeping with his brother's wife.

So this time on your visit to Cardiff, why not invite your brothers' wife along to relax beneath "The Coch?" Perhaps you can even find time to read a Roald Dahl book whilst sampling a bottle of Captain Morgans finest.

Cardiff - beautiful one day, perfect the next.

Smash the Bastards.

TAA Matip, VVD Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Keita
Salah, Firmino, Mane

Subs - Mignolet, Shaq, Origi, Gomez, Lallana, Lovren, Milner.

And I didn't mention sheep once.