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Pre-match: Liverpool v Dortmund/Sevilla/Sporting


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Jun 12, 2018
Yeah, Fernandes played well, very energetic and quality in both ways, MOTM. I don't see us going for him however, that interest has already been rejected a few times. Performance was so-so. Some good spells in possession, switching sides well, but also leaking between the lines and in defence. Mignolet with a terrible mistake. Then we got angrier and started moving the ball well. Gini had a good performance, movement off the ball got him constantly into goalscoring positions. Although typical Gini, almost wasted his shot when he scored, he had the first post open for a cleaner shot. Fernandes made an excellent last ditch block on him just a minute or two later. Hendo was also good, moved the ball accurately. Fabinho was weak, turned his back to the challenge in that chance when Sporting hit the post. Millie wasn't at his best either. Mignolet reacted well however, a combination of a few good saves and coming out/interceptions, because their counter attack was good and in numbers when we lost the ball in attack. Matip showed a bit of weakness, as did Trent in that action when we conceded. It was nice to see Berg, funny how he immediately took over the LCB position and we shifted Lovren to RCB.
Spot on assessment Zoran, start to finish aree 100%. Only 2 things to add for me...I've seen some people be a little harsh with Ox this preseason calling him 'inconsistent' but I don't agree at all. Truthfully I couldn't be happier with his compete level. And his assist last night was flat out ridiculous. It's a huge mental hurdle to come back from such a serious injury (and that's to say nothing of the intense physical rehabilitation) and IMO Ox looks great.

The one surprise for me is Joe Gomez. I'm not sure if he's on his own match fitness plan but he's been completely out of step with the rest of his mates. I give him the benefit of the doubt, he too is working his way back from injury but that doesn't excuse his half baked work effort. Starting in the Tranmere match all the way through last night. And he will want to burn the game film from the Sevilla match because he was run ragged. Just appears very unfocused and bumbling.

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Jul 16, 2007
Glad that the PR and marketing exercice is over. It cost us quite harshly with some bad injuries. Hopefully we will be spared from bad injuries for a time now.

Back to football (difficult game against Napoli) and then some proper, hard pre-season training in Evian. The weather should be perfect for this next week.


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Aug 21, 2010
Decent tour I would think... not comfortable, but heat training does have some benefits to building endurance.

Injuries are obviously unfortunate, especially the one to Larouci, but I think we will be fine. He'll be back in a few weeks.


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May 24, 2007
Not sure how many times LFC Tv told me it was a success.....

Injuries, having one team try and break our legs and all that time playing on Baseball fields. Not a success in a million years. Though a nice holiday for the commentator and Jason McAteer I guess.
Commercially, I suppose it was a success. The games themselves were non-events, and Sevilla’s antics in particular were a disgrace

Klopp has described next week as ‘his week’ with the players, so I think he knew he just had to grin and bear this trip.