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Pre-match: Liverpool v Dortmund/Sevilla/Sporting


In the Danger Zone.
Feb 10, 2009
Larouci needs to work on his defending, left space behind too often but overall decent. Wilson and Kent look good, particularly the latter. Clyne much more attacking than I remember and certainly going to share with TAA this season. Ox looking good if a bit rusty bit class. Everyone else pretty normal.
Nice to watch in the morning here in Darwin, Australia
Thought he's defended well myself. Sancho got nothing out of him.

Put the mockers on him!


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Dec 11, 2018
This is a better indicator of how raw Larouci really is. World of potential and played well in spots but he was badly abused through that entire sequence.
Indeed, thats what I said after our fist matches against low league opposition. Now we are playing a really, really good team, so this is the level our youngsters must seek to match, But for sure, that young lad has a lot of promise though!


TIA Regular
Oct 3, 2010
Our first team players generally looked good and once VVD came on our defence looked solid.

We are down 5 first team players and matched them, no worries from me and one or two lads such as Lewis, Brewster, Kent and Wilson are stepping up a bit.

There 2nd and 3rd goals were down to tiredness, someone needs to tell that ref it’s a friendly mind.

I’m actually quite happy how our first team regulars looked so sharp, TAA and Robinson as well as Henderson seem to have grown I think that’s what winning a Champions League medal will do.


TIA New Signing
Jul 4, 2009
Is lallana injured...
Yep looks like he had a dead leg
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