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Pre Match Liverpool v FC Porto ,CL 9/4/2019 KO 20:00 pm

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"¿Plata... O Plomo?"
Sep 18, 2006
Son of a bitch, I have to fucking stay up now. Thanks to Firmino and Salah. Would have gone 4 up by now and I'd pack it up and hit the sack.

Anyway.... pretty open game and that Merenga fella is quite a live wire. Lovren and Van Dijk needs to be extra careful come second half. We can already spot what they will be doing against us next, long ball over the flanks and cut back in is their game now. I hope Klopp sees it as much as I did.

We were superb at times, and some parts we were found a bit lethargic. Need to step up a gear, especially Mane. Trent needs to cut those errors out and not be fucking careless with the ball. I can see why Lovren started this one, Matip would have been left on his back by their big striker, would have been bullied all night. Milner has to be aware of the runners on his flank.

Henderson and Keita is my standout player so far. Both played key passes and carving out Porto defence. Just need to be more clinical like last season and we are good to go all the way.

Lastly, how dirty is this fucking Portuguese side? Clipping heels and ankles all night. The ref seemed to be happy to let it go, but let's not get carried away there. Besides, that foul he called on Fabinho wasn't even a foul to begin with. We need a couple of more goals before I can call it a night. It's fucking 4AM right now, and I am not drinking tonight.

theres always tommorrow

Hope is in my heart again
Nov 13, 2010
With an Alisson I once had a dram
She made me smile as she was really quite glam
But she couldn’t stop
As well as this one bought by Klopp
Last I heard she’d bought a thrid pram.
I knew a man named Naby
Cool as you like and really savvy
Could balance a ball on his shin
waiting for his mates to get in
At times wayward but never shabby....

I thank you
Not open for further replies.