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Pre-match | Liverpool vs Salzburg | Champions League | 02/10/2019 | KO 20:00 BST

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Red over the water

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May 13, 2018
Cagey and dour European ties are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. These days teams have a real go.

Mind you, I can't quite bring myself to say it's a good game yet, as I want to see us run out winners before I say that!


TIA Oldie, still in the Youth Team though
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Apr 6, 2003
what i miss most about our clean sheets from last season is Linda Pizzuti's tweets after each match talking about them
I used to wake up in the morning
i used to feel so bad
i got so sick not having clean sheets right?
i went and told my dad
He said, "son now here's some little something"
and stuck them on my wall
and now my nights ain't quite so lonely
in fact i, i don't feel bad at all
Pictures of linda made my life so wonderful
pictures of linda helped me sleep at night
pictures of linda solved my childhood problems
pictures of linda helped me feel alright
Pictures of linda
linda, oh linda
linda, oh linda
pictures of linda
And then one day things weren't quite so fine
i fell in love with linda
i asked my dad where linda i could find
he said, "son, now don't be silly"
"she's been on John's yacht since 2019"
oh, how i cried that night


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Apr 17, 2013
so what is Milner's role now?
is he man on man or holding or what? whatever it is I'm unclear if it has made a difference?
same with Origi - what effect has that change made?
We’d completely lost our heads and couldn’t defend at all. Hendo was awful to start the half so Millie was the natural sub in that instance. Origi obviously gives them something more to worry about going the other way, provides us with even more pace in attack. We did also score 5 minutes after both came on the pitch.


TIA New Signing
Jul 25, 2011
We have to figure out how to deal with midfield runners. That's the only weakness we have as a team - players who drop into the space between the WB and the CB and then get midfield runners beyond them.

For me, Wijnaldum really struggles to track those runs. It may seem harsh but our issues with getting overloaded start with him.
You are perfect with your analysis we seem to mark space when sometimes you need to mark the man
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