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Pre-Match | Newcastle vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 38 | Sunday July 26th | 16:00 h | St James' Park


Epstein didn't kill himself
Jul 10, 2017
This is the most important game of the season, well at least it will be until the next one. It's an absolutely must win game.

I say that more out of habit than absolute verity, but old habits die hard and this old faithful retainer of an introduction has given a good account of itself all season. And it would be nice if Mo could get his twentieth goal of the season. So, once more unto the breach, dear friends!

The ultimate game of this dramatic and wondrous season sees us visit steve "I ate all the pies" bruce and his misfiring conventicle of magpies, in what is probably the last time we play the barcodes before they get kitted out in their ceremonial thawbs and kufiyahs.

No doubt "Iaatp", on seeing that anthony "blue moon" taylor had been placed in charge, felt a thrill of ecstasy, as a man on the scaffold might feel when the messenger bounds in with what is perceived to be the reprieve.

Obviously the chances of decisions in our favour have receded somewhat with the appointment of "bluemoon", and it might be heavy going, but it will be too bad for "Iaatp" if the putative "reprieve" turns out to be the shopping list from hangman's misses.

Oh, well, such is Life.

Even though this game holds little of any import for us, the Mem and I have conducted our preparations in as normal a fashion as the pandemic permits. Despite the difficulties imposed by the lock down, the Mem has never been at a loss to furnish a ready supply of votive offerings. One finds it difficult in the present instance to over-praise Boudica's ready resource; had a great military strategist been present, I have no doubt he would be nodding in approval.

As for Lawro, our glorious success in the league will have prompted emotions in him that bite like a serpent and sting like an adder. However, years of conducting his weekly scandal-sheet, and numerous personal encounters with people having no cause to wish him well, will probably have schooled Lawro well. In this instance, with an exhibition of presence-of-mind in sudden emergencies, he has gone with the simple expedient of predicting a two nil win to us.

Many an eel has disappeared into the mud with less smoothness and celerity!

Hopefully his attempted kiss of death won't throw a spanner in the works and upset the apple-cart. :rolleyes:

I'll take a scrappy 1-0 win to us. :oops:


TIA Squad Member
May 4, 2005
Mental line up.

Really thought we'd seen the last of Ox in the front three. Feel sorry for Minamino getting a start down the middle but being flanked by Ox and Origi instead of Salah and Mane.

Can't imagine Salah being chuffed at that either.
I think we'll see Div in the middle, Taki and Ox either side


Anything But Normal
Ad-free Member
Jan 6, 2011
He’s been texting me all morning about Chelsea winning the league next season with Oblak. Mind he thought Leicester was unstoppable in December. Ruined my first cup of hot dark French roast with fat free milk and teaspoon of sugar.
I dont know what you smoke these days, but it seems to be good stuff!! ;)


Bootroom Member
May 24, 2007
I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't look more like a 4222. Box midfield - Milly and Gini sitting, Ox and Keita as the 8's and Taki and Origi up front.