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Pre-Match | Norwich vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 26 | Saturday February 15th 17:30h | Carrow Road

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Bootroom Member
May 24, 2007
Both way down the pecking order atm and I don't see any reason to start either of them given the run we are on. I don't see any changes tbh, maybe Sadio if fully fit.
I wouldn’t mind seeing Keita, actually. Obviously a great player, but needs games, and Klopp is going to have to start using his depth as the season progresses.

Norwich are bottom of this league, and there are some really shit teams above them. If not now, when?

Perth Red

Deep in the wilds of outback Queensland
Aug 30, 2010
With Atletico coming up on Wednesday morning (hahaha for me at least) I wouldn't expect Mane to feature, possibly a late run off the bench (to give everyone a hug). Could see Origi on the left and an Ox and Keita midfield with Hendo holding (Fab replacing in the second half), Minamino replacing Bobby after 65 minutes, to keep those likely to start on Tuesday as fresh as possible. Salah seems to be able to play every game so I think he does so again, though possibly Shaq gets the last 15.
Whatever happens, the ghost of Luis Saurez will be upon Norwich.... 4-0 to the redmen!


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Aug 10, 2018
It's only a week since the FA Cup replay but it seems like an age since our last match. It was my birthday last weekend and my mates arranged for us to go to a match. As we weren't playing (and let's face it - sod all chance of getting tickets) we went to watch Tranmere. I mean Everton were playing but I have standards.

It was actually an enjoyable afternoon out despite the SWA losing, the freezing gale and watching football played on a pitch that was more sand than grass. In a way it must have resembled the 1914 Christmas truce.

So Norwich. We won pretty easily at home and they are bottom now. This isn't so much a must win as a shouldn't really lose. I expect the boss to pick a team with the Madrid game in mind. It's not so much resting players as not over exerting them.

One thing to remember about the last game is that it was the game when Allison was injured and some doomsayers were saying it was our season over already. It turned out that we had picked up a handy replacement in a car boot sale. The Winter break will have done everyone some good - let's press on for May.


Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2008
Hoping this break won't bring us the kind of performance we started having last season after the Liverpool team jolly to Dubai.

I say use our strongest lineup, If Mane is fit then he should play, If he's not quite there then someone fitter should play.
IIf it goes well and we're 3:0 up after 60 min then sub out one or two players, and give Nabi/Origi/Mini/Ox, etc... a game.

In all honesty it would be nice to win the Champions League, but at the mo that's not in my mind at all.
We need to be relentless in the Prem until we see Hendo lifting that Prem trophy.

...Nothing else matters to me.

Red over the water

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May 13, 2018
Hope the game isn't postponed. seems like we've been waiting about four months for the action to resume...

I can't decide on the best midfield to pick. Fabinho is taking a while to overcome some rustiness from being out for a while, so I would probably like to see him play, not because he is necessarily the best option right now, but because when he is up to speed, and especially if we have a big game or a top European game, he is the man you want at the base. (though credit to Henderson for what he has done in the position while Fabinho has been out).

I also want to play Keita. I think he scored 3 in 3 before his latest injury niggle. His passing and vision will be nice to call on at the sharp end of the season, and he was showing he had a little eye for goal too.

Ox has also spent a lot of time out, but he has been showing us signs of something we need as he has come back into the fray - powerful running, breaking through the lines, a good shot, and a goal return too.

Henderson and Wijnaldum have been our two most reliable midfielders all season long, and their form has been good, so I won't say too much about them. But the other three above, all for their own reasons, need game time.

Klopp will now go with Milner, Lallana and Jones, just because he can!
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