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Pre-Match | Sheffield United vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 7 | Saturday September 28th 12:30h | Bramall Lane

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Jun 12, 2018
Klopp calm as fucking usual in his post match interview

"These games happen, i'm not unhappy about how we played"

Nothing phases him
The Boss gets it! At the end of the day the scoreline is what is most important, but 1-0 belies the true story of the match. We shouldn't be unhappy either. I am dying to hear Chris Wilder's thoughts. I am sure he will feel they deserved more because their "effort was good"!


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Jul 12, 2017
We weren't at our best, but we did put in the effort against a very disciplined side, and fought man for man in the personal battles on the pitch. When we were slightly out of shape, players like Andy were bursting a gut to get in a block, which is needed in these types of games. So a 'poor' performance is all relative.

We as fans need to get off this 'turn up and we should win' mentally. When things are not going our way, sometimes you have to win the hard way, which is waht we did.
Still a poor performance by our standards. Certainly the effort was there, and commendable, but the quality was lacking. Poor performance, period!
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