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Pre Match: Tranmere v Liverpool (11/7/19 7.30pm)


Well-Known Member
Jul 10, 2017
If the right-footed Brewster has a left foot that reminds you of Sturridge then we really do have a special player on our hands.
I thought he is left footed...never mind that, mine point was more on his stamina, the looks of him

Joe Gomez x

Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2018
Wouldn't be surprised to see Johnston end up being a Tranmere player. He clearly won't make it for us but he can be a solid FL defender.
Surprised me to see he’s only 5,10 . Would of thought he may be to small to be a centre half but gladly I’m proven wrong.


Active Member
Dec 29, 2013
It's more so the fitness levels for Tranmere, these days Premier league are on a strict regime even through the summer
Where as for league 1/league 2 sides won't be there as much, so they're not as fit at the start of pre season

Would probably be much closer by the start of the actual season

Not to take away anything from some good play by Brewster, Hoever, Woodburn, Jones
Good to see the youth players impressing

Gone Kloppo

Formerly known as Ʒan
Jul 15, 2016
I tell you what. I really like Hoever at RB. I wouldn't at all be surprised if that is an avenue into the first team for him this season with Clyne being sold. He needs to keep it up over pre season though.