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Prematch 24/8/13 Aston Villa (a) 17:30 BST

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TIA Regular
Jul 1, 2010
Rambler said:
Lucas being criticised by people who probably struggle to get off the sofa for another beer. The lad is coming back from a career threatening injury.
To be fair, he was excellent last game, so I don't think there should be questions on his match fitness. That said, the calls for a "physically imposing" replacement completely miss the point, as the problem with Lucas this game was his slowness on the ball. He had no problem making "physically imposing" challenges and winning them.


TIA Squad Member
Nov 16, 2010
LiVeRp0oL89 said:
It's funny that had Reina been in goal, we probably would have drawn these last two games.. Not trying to knock a legend, just found it interesting.
Sad but have to agree with you. His distribution may help to ease our pressures. But i doubt if he can save even one of those crucial shot.


The Singaporean Liverpool Never Managed To Sign
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Aug 5, 2008
Lucas was bad especially after 60 minutes. But other than probably Gerrard and Sturridge, there was not much energy in the rest of the players. Toure and Agger looked uncomfortable. Johnson and Enrique did not provide that much going forward probably because they are being pegged back. Our midfield was badly overrun. Not the best of the 2nd half. But like I said, last year, we would have been steamrolled in the last 15mins by conceding 2. We grinded out the win. Lets iron out the deficiencies in the preparation for next weekend.
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