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Apr 24, 2019
Originally Posted at (New York Supporters club) 2 weeks ago by @Darrel3000
THE Echo just announced fixtures for 4 clubs starting June 17th, Aston Villa host Sheffield United and Manchester City welcome Arsenal to the Etihad Stadium.

if we are to finish the season before next and get at least 3 days rest, we have to complete this season by July 25th, which means we have about 40 days to get 9 matches in, about one match every 4 days if my math is correct. We certainly have the roster to get it done but that means the best 11 doesn't play every game, at least I wouldn't want them to especially coming off lockdown and not being match fit, we must be wary of injuries.

New season starts August 8th! which means teh boys will get about 3 days off before having to do pre-season in 1 week, clusterfuucck

update yesterday:
so not unlike my prediction up top we have been dealt a schedule of games about every 3 days instead of 4 as i predicted, in-between we have 2 week-long stinks scheduled before the man city match and the final match. I think Herr #Klopp is also concerned about injuries, especially because we have to start the next season with one week in hand.

Liverpool Covid19 reopening EPL schedule 2020

first match jun 21st v everton
+ 3days June 24th v crystal palace
+ 8days July 02nd v manchester city
+ 3days July 5th v Aston villa
+ 3days july 8th v brighton & hove albion
+ 3days July 11th v burnley
+ 4days July 15th v Arsenal
+ 3days july 18th v Chelsea
+ 8 days July 26th v Newscastle United

I expect to see 2 different teams for those first two matches. probably full strength in the derby and re-tooled side v crystal palace. then they have a week to prepare for city, which means a 90% probability of a win. following that I expect to see 2-3 different lineups for each of the next 5 matches which are all 3 days apart, but by then we would have won the title and could afford to risk losses to ensure no injuries, i few "durable" players could expect to see steady involvement=Firmino, VVD, TAA, Allison.
would love to see Minamino play throughout, he needs the minutes RIGHT NOW to establish his style and confidence going into text season.

My assessments above have been CERTIFIED CORRECT, so don't bother chiming in with alternative facts. ;):D
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