Ronnie Moran R.I.P.

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    Very sad day yeh RIP
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    Still have the posters of the team from the late 80s,90's Ronnie has uniqueness on the posters..

    Ronnie Moran RIP
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    Very very sad news a true legend and a very long serving one at the club
    Just like Bob Paisley he was a very humble and personable person his contributions to the clubs successes were immense
    RIP and sincere condolences to his family.
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  4. Chewbazza

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    There's nothing I can say which hasn't already been said already.

    RIP Ronnie and thank you for everything you gave to this club.
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  5. Mascot88

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    Hopefully the club do something nice for the derby.
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  6. The Flying Pig

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    Unfortunately I am old enough to remember Ronnie Moran playing.
    My abiding memory is from an FA Cup quarter final towards the end of his playing career. We had only recently returned to the top flight , the First Division, and we were drawn at home to Swansea, a team from a lower division. Reaching the semi final seemed a formality. This was before we had ever won the FA cup. A real embarrassment for a club of Liverpool's stature and a joy for fans of EFC. Hopes were high.This was the year !
    Swansea had a goalie call Noel Dwyer, never heard of before or since who played a blinder. We completely dominated the game but Dwyer produced worldie after worldie. Ten minutes to go and we were 2-1 down. We got a penalty. Up steps Ronnie M.
    He missed. We lost.
    RIP Ronnie.
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  7. ubermick

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    A club legend in every sense of the word. I'd hoped he was going to stay on as manager when Kenny left, but they went and appointed Souness instead after Ronnie said he didn't feel he could do it full time. When Ronnie was called upon again during Souness' time out, he was a steady hand on the rudder.

    Very sad to hear of his passing. RIP Ronnie.
  8. bobnum2

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    RIP Ronnie a true legend
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  9. bobnum2

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    Yes i was also at this game, remember Tommy got a leg injury and Ronnie took all the goal kicks never missplaced one, side foot straight to one of ours. Then the pen, was sure as eggs were eggs the equaliser was just seconds away. But was not to be.

    Still we got there the following year and won the FA Cup for the first time.

    RIP Ronnie, gone but never forgotten
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    I have to say that the longer the day has gone on, the more this news has sunk in, the more sad I feel.

    Memories abound of the younger days of one's life, happy days with the club you support rampant.

    Then of course the man himself, of a generation whose standards and morals aren't as frequently found these days.

    It feels like a bit of LFC has died today, let's hope for a fitting tribute before the next match, and something more permanent thereafter.
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  11. Maria

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    This is a very sad day for Liverpool FC and fans and end of an era. He was an absolute 'Legend' in the true sense of the word. He devoted almost 50 years of his life to his beloved club in every possible way, from player, captain, coach, assistant coach, caretaker manager, physio-therapist, mentor and psychologist.

    The original member of the bootroom. He mentored players like Owen and Carragher and they would not be the footballers they are now if it wasn't for Ronnie. He made a massive contribution to Liverpool FC in every aspect and he is ingrained into every part of this club.

    Ronnie, you were such an inspiration to many people and truly defined the 'Liverpool Way'. You were such an exceptional personality, a humble, loyal, successful and hugely influential figure in the club.

    Thank you Ronnie for giving us fans joy and selflessly helping the club to success. You will be truly missed. RIP Ronnie. There is only one Ronnie Moran.

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  12. MarcusBerglund

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    RIP Ronnie Moran.
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  13. Elessar

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    RIP. The word legend isn't enough. A true true Liverpool hero.
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  14. geebo

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    Ronnie Moran was an unsung hero, former Club Captain who was an important member of the bootroom and played a part in all our successes in the 70s and 80s. Its like the end of an era for me and makes me feel old ! If Steven Gerrard can make half the impact at the club as Ronnie did after hanging up his boots, then he will have a memorable career on the bench.

    The people change, the club remains, but who is good enough to fill his boots? Fact becomes history, history becomes legend, but everything said about him is true, and if anything understated. Very sad day for the club.

    RIP and walk on Ronnie Moran
  15. KCollins

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    The Bugsy Moran show is very emotional towards the end when it shows him next to Shankly, Paisley, Fagin and Bennett and he says "I'm the only one left". Find it very hard not to choke up every time ive seen it. Just a very nice down to earth fella. It's on again at 7:30 tonight on LFCTV for anyone that hasn't seen it.

    Just got the tail end of his career (just as he took over when Kenny left). Ive heard it said by many that he was a big reason no-one in the game begrudged the club success all those years because he kept everyone grounded. No big heads were tolerated. "Right there's your medal for last seasons title, training begins in three weeks." Success was seen as expected. Its the mentality of a winner. We dominated because of Ronnie and did so in the right manner. He was a colossus to the club.

    RIP Ronnie.
  16. Sweeting

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    RIP Mr Liverpool.
  17. Fester

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    Irreplaceable. That's the point isn't it. People like Ronnie come along once in a lifetime. I have a number of heroes at LFC but Ronnie was quite simply unique. He's been there as long as I've supported this club and been a major and positive influence throughout that time. None of the others have.
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  18. GCormskirk

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    Rest in Peace Ronnie.

    Your impact on the LFC story ranks up there along side Skanks, Paisley.
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  19. Quicksand

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    Part of growing up as a Liverpool supporter. His dignity, loyalty and respect is almost alien to modern football.
    Rest in peace Ronnie, absolute legend.
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  20. RedBaron

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    He didn't only wear the shirt, he was the shirt, both on and off the field.
    RIP Bugsy.
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  21. redbj

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    RIP Ronnie Moran.

    It's sometimes very hard to be connected to things half a world away when your only access was newspaper clippings and four week old 'shoot' or 'match' magazines.....but even at that tender age, I still got the impression of a man well respected and to be listened to.

    Legend.thoughts are with the family and close friends
  22. cardiffpete

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    Not all that unexpected ...but a very sad day for anyone connected to LFC.

    A very important and continued presence for LFC all throughout our glory years, supporting and allying with so many managers for us. Ronnie knew so much and he maybe helped so many of our players too, by just hammering into them, the real need to never ever rest on your laurels and to always try to improve yourself.

    Ronnie was one real reason that despite enormous successes, team-after-team for LFC still kept incredibly focused on delivering the very next year. Ronnie would never let any kind-of-complacency angle creep in. You're as good as your last game etc. That sort of stuff.

    They don't make 'em like him all that often. To keep a very successful team 100% focused on the next challenge is a real art form ...and he had that quality in his armor, all-day long too. RIP Ronnie.
  23. Nevoo34

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    RIP Mr Liverpool.

    An absolute colossus at this club, his contribution to all what was achieved in the 70's and 80's cannot be understated.

    Just think what he would make of the modern day footballer!

    The LFC family has lost a great man.

    Had to he pleasure of meeting him in 1994, in a cafe in Liverpool city centre, shared a coffee and a bacon butty and chewed over past glories, what this man didn't know about the game, was not worth knowing.

    Never forgotten 'Buggsy'
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  24. KMD1951

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    Incredibly sad day for all those associated with the Club.

    The word legend is used far to often, and in many instances for people who really don't warrant it, but Ronnie Moran was a true legend.

    Thoughts with his family at this sad time.

    As others have said, let's have a fitting tribute at the Everton game by putting in the sort of performance he'd expect.

  25. Rambler

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    I too was at that game. I remember some Swansea fans ran on the pitch before the game & put a giant leek on the centre spot. Can't believe that was over 50 years ago!! I also remember Ronnie scoring a penalty the previous year in the last minute of extra time against Burnley in an FA Cup replay at Anfield.

    His son, Paul, says Ronnie used to get very annoyed that Jimmy Case only obeyed his instructions when they were playing towards the Kop. This carried on for a while until Jimmy finally admitted that he was deaf in one ear lol
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  26. aggie57

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    i remember 2 occasions i was in the company of a truly great man
    1st time yr 2000 at europa hotel belfast at a special dinner in ronnies name 500 in attendance which my brother organised stan boardman elton welsby warrior ian rush gary gillispie david johnstone alan kennedy to name a few. what a fantastic night on the fri and the sat afternoon in washington bar belfast.
    the 2nd time we met was at his testimonial 2004 v celtic at anfield another glorious night
    sadly that was the last time i seen ronnie
    but what a gentleman and great servant to my beloved club
    ynwa bugsy rip
  27. ILLOK

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    Never really know what to say in these threads, nothing ever seems enough. Some fantastic posts in here mind.

    Great man, legend of the club in the truest sense of the word. Very few people in our history have an affiliation with the club as strong as Moran's.

  28. James H

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    R.I.P. Ronnie, I imagine there is great conversation with the other boot room boys again.
    One of the saddest moments I have ever seen was when LFCTV did that small documentary on him and his work for the club, when he talked about the picture he had at home. When he said they were all taken from him now, that he was the last one, brought a tear to my eyes. Hope they are all reunited somewhere and happy.
  29. theres always tommorrow

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    A true legend and a faithful servant. Just being around the club and the training ground reminded everyone who came in contact with him that this was a special place with deep roots steeped in history. R.I.P Ronnie, you will truly never walk alone.
  30. Dodgy

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    Rest In Peace, Bugsy.
    Thanks for making us dream.

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