Rules for a happy deadline day.

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May 24, 2007
Deadline day has come at last. Jim White is applying his fake tan. Kia Jaroobchian is releasing his winged monkeys over the Albert Docks. Diego Costa is waking, bleary eyed, surrounded by empty bottles, women and discarded clothes, and thinking 'fuck it'.

Here are a few rules for a happy deadline day.

1) Be nice and be civil. We know things get tense, but try and remember that no good comes from insulting other posters.

2) As fun as they are, please don't post GIFs. Deadline Day is also TIA servers take a beating day, and we don't want the forums to go down just as news breaking that Van Dijk has been spotted at John Lennon airport. Any GIFs will be removed.

3) If the window so far has been characterised by transparent bullshittery, attention-seeking, and click-bait sensationalism, it's about to get ten times worse. Remember that it's only football - the most important of the unimportant things - and take it all with a massive pinch of salt. It's only happened when there has been a lean.

4) Every year hundreds of footballers are halfway through the transfer window when it slams shut. The deaths and injuries that result horrify the country every year. But we can stop this madness. TIA have set up the Peter Odemwingie Memorial Fund, and your donations can be sent to me via PayPal. Just five pounds can buy a mediocre championship footballer a big roll of bubble wrap to roll themselves up in before attempting to go through the window. Please give what you can.
Not open for further replies.