So how are we all coping?


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Jan 14, 2012
Finally number 6 is in the bag, an important enough achievement in it's own right.
But even more important, because the man we have leading us and the group of players he inherited, has signed and is mentoring, coaching and managing have given us such an amazing season to remember.
If one man on the Liverpool staff deserved last night it was one Jurgen Klopp.

The build up to last night started in escence for me when we were drawn against Porto in the quarters.
I dealt with it by letting my plans for the end of the season take over.
Trips to Barcelona and Newcastle were planned, and my search for a match ticket for the last day of the season consumed me and distracted me from the excitement of a potential 6th European Cup.

The Nou Camp was not as disappointing as I might have imagined. Fantastic trip with my lad, and we saw enough from that first leg to still hope the dream wasn't over.
Kompany's goal against Leicester dampened things a bit, but it only lasted for 24 hours. We demolished Barcelona to secure a place in the European Cup final.

Last day of the season kept my mind off the final too, with the faintest of hopes that Brighton might pull off a miracle, sadly not to be.
Then the mindset switched to the final, helping the pain of finishing a point short in the league.

And what a long fucking 3 weeks it was, not a day went by without multiple thoughts of beating Tottenham.
I was a wreck yesterday at work, tried without success to get a couple of hours kip before kick off, and then last night happened.

Not a great game by any stretch, but what a result. Finally number 6 was in the bag.
Watched the players after match, and the trophy presentation, then the players after presentation, but had to try and get some kip as I'm at work.

So on to how I'm coping.
I'm not coping but it's an amazing feeling at the same time.
Dane the gobshite, who tells people how it is, is not coping, he's a quivering wreck.

I've spent all day browsing sports sites, forums and Twitter, looking at videos of the celebrations of players and supporters, and I'm even more of a fucking wreck.
I'm constantly welling up every time I watch a video of the amazing support we have, lump in my throat, chest bursting and generally just feeling proud as fuck.

I'll get over this stage, but I'm not sure I want to


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Jul 10, 2007
I have a feeling of constant porridge in my tummy and of all the montage's it was the one with Jose and Arsene stopping in their commentary, to absorb the power of the travelling Kop, to say it was beautiful, unique, beyond words!!! That one got me, also the picture with Jordan with his feet up on the cup sat in the plane, calmly comprehending, I am legend!

What happened, is we became the 3rd greatest Club in Europe, behind only Real and AC :celebrating:
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Jul 3, 2006
I'm in reflection mode right now. What a fucking fantastic season.

Part of me is thinking about the feeling if the result was the opposite, but then so happy we managed to get the deserved trophy to cap off a great season. My mind also goes back to the feeling after the first leg of the semi final. The disappointment of not giving ourself an away goal, the empty feeling of its a long road back. That is what makes this triumph just as good as any other.

We also beat the Spanish champs, the German champs and beat the French champs on the way to this title. Beating some of the champions of the 'top 5 leagues' in Europe, adds polish to this trophy


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Feb 26, 2018
I’m bloody brilliant.
It’s been a rollercoaster week for me personally but I feel very satisfied right now.
I’m enjoying seeing the former players reactions as well. Once a red always a red.
I’m also loving the prospects for next season.
The two best teams in England start the new season as champions.
Community Shields. Super Cups.
I actually can’t wait.

Plus, as 6 times European Champions (twice as many as any other English club), it’ll make transfer silly season even more entertaining.

On a personal note I’d like to thank everyone on TIA for adding to the occasion last night. Some of the folk on here are 6 star. And again thanks to those who haven’t put me on the ‘ignore’ list for waffling on about my twins haha. And thanks for those who messaged me! Much appreciated.

And yeah, that’s how I feel right now.
Now let’s talk about six, baby.


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Jul 2, 2006
Oh @Dane , you big old softie, you going to start me on tear ducts again!!

I have done absolutely nothing this morning, apart from get the Sunday Papers and drink coffee and then tea and eat breakfast snacks and browse the internet for Liverpool FC news. I had 2 paracetamol, this morning.

It still hasn't sunk in properly, once we see the victory parade then, it will hit home.
We had a difficult campaign, beating top European teams, one of which had the best footballer in the world right now. We defied the odds, we never gave up when we were down and out and written off.
The lads worked extremely hard and were pushed to the limit, our Manager finally got a shiny silver trophy, but this one was the biggest in ALL of Europe and it means alot to every single high calibre footballer to get that gold medal. They deserve all the plaudits coming their way.

As a supporter, it has been very emotional. I really wanted us to win something, not just for us fans, for the lads, for Jurgen, the coaching staff, the Melwood people who didn't make it to Madrid.
My cousin Mina (in Glasgow) passed away in February from Cancer aged 60 years and one of her last days was watching a Liverpool EPL match on her IPAD. This 6th one is for you sis as well, hope you enjoyed it.
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Oct 11, 2007
I’m finally on my way home after crashing at a mate’s last night. Gave up on the last train as it was about 10 times over ticketed. Got a bit ugly with the police trying to control the queue so went back out and went silly. I’m not one for tatoos but serioisly considering a cup tally on my shoulder or just a big No.6 on my back (which would be really funny when we get 7)

Just generally elated and euphoric beyond belief. I think a few jars and watching the parade on TV is the order of the day. Shouldn’t have spent the night bouncing up and down but ah, fuck it :)

@Dane worth many likes mate :)


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May 17, 2007
Even though I'm genuinely desperate for Premier League, Champions League has always been the big one for me because I'm a foreigner and people here generally pay more attention to Champions League and always talk about it in the office, school, street, pub... So, I can say that I waited fourteen years for this and "only" ten years for a PL title.

These fourteen years have been full of ups and downs as with everyone else. I've lost family members, I've lost my favourite band, I've changed a few cities and I'm physically as far away from my family as I've ever been, almost all of my closest friends are scattered across the world, Liverpool have only won two cups in the meantime and have generally been a Tantalus embodied in a club, and there are a lot of things I had to cope with to be where I am today.

When Origi scored, all those things went through my head and I reacted pretty emotionally. I tried to fight it but I couldn't. I've called my old folks back home just as the referee was signaling the end, Mum was hilarious and Dad was in slight disbelief but I felt they both knew Liverpool would get it over the line. Incredible moment, that. Afterwards, I was like @Dane, I've spent the majority of the night and the following day browsing Twitter, Reddit, TIA, watching every possible video and looking at photos - and realising how blessed I am.

Today I also remembered two kids, two Liverpool fans, who lost their battles to cancer and leukemia, one called Liam Harker and the other called Elliot Wild. There have been many more, unfortunately, but I couldn't remember their names and I've never forgotten these two, their faces stuck with me after I read about them years back... It's moments like these when we should remember all those who are no longer with us and who would have celebrated this win with the same passion. May God bless their souls and bring peace and comfort to their families.

On a personal level, I'm thankful to Him for giving me this gift, two Champions League wins and two more finals in my lifetime, it's a true blessing. I'm so happy for my folks and for Klopp and for every Liverpool fan out there. The wait was really worth it, even if there were really tough times to love Liverpool. One friend asked me the other day who my favourite Liverpool player was and I realised that I can't pick one anymore. I couldn't pick ten, actually. I can't even pick a favourite manager after Klopp did what he did, Champions League was actually the least he did for all of us. I can now safely say that he's equal to Rafa and Kenny and Stevie and Sami and Carra in my eyes, I can't pay a higher compliment to any person related to Liverpool. Like all these legends, having him is worth ten biggest trophies. I thank God for this as much as a mere mortal can.


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Aug 13, 2008
For a lot of reasons, it has a really different feel than Istanbul. Obviously, the matches themselves were utterly different. In 2005, from the start of the second half you could scarcely imagine that team delivering more, they left absolutely everything on the pitch, it was exhilarating and emotionally exhausting. This year, we had that, only it was in the semifinal at Anfield. In the interviews last night, most of the players were completely candid in saying they simply did not have a good game, just one that was good enough. LFC came, took advantage early, and made sure they came away with what they deserved.

Istanbul felt vaguely like we had gotten away with something. Fatigue aside, it felt like Milan was the stronger team, and would eventually have found a way through but for the heroics of Carragher, and so on. Other than the desperate flurry at the end, Spurs barely got pressure on the goal, Allisson did not make a save until '72, and they were clearly more fatigued. In the end, when I want to watch 'the match' for 2019, it will be the Barcelona game, where every couple of years I will throw in my Istanbul DVD just to enjoy the story again. This final won't have that appeal.

The arc is really different too. Rafa had just arrived, the league campaign wasn't great, it was an obviously limited team. We dreamed of what Rafa could do with a little more time to work as he built the club. It left us with wild confidence about the era that might be dawning - confidence that wasn't wrong, though it did not end well. The funds weren't there, the management wasn't there - the club shop wasn't even open for delirious fans looking for a new memento of an impossible night. We thought things would get better with new owners, pledged to build a new stadium. We got spaceship drawings, crippling interest payments, and management fees. The support was always passionate, but so much of that passion was diverted to fear and despair for what was happening to the club - and sometimes it was palpable in the matches.

This year's side is not that at all. It has been carefully built, improving every year. It isn't perfect, and while the players and Klopp go off for a well-deserved rest, you can bet at Melwood this week the likes of Fallow and Hunter will be sitting around a table talking about what needs to be done now to plug identified gaps, what players the club might want to bring with an eye to two years on. I am quite confident the club shop is doing brisk business today. The negotiating team might take a day or two, they are fans too, but unlike Parry, they understand that their time is now. Klopp and the boys have done the business, now it is their turn. The funds are there to sign them. Klopp says he wants the best goalkeeper in the world to win the next CL final, and it happened. The new signings they deliver to Klopp will be looking forward to their first time at a bigger Anfield, seeing the European Cup presented to the colossal red crowd roaring, dreaming of a chance to join the legends by delivering the league.

I think I am coping just fine. Need to stay away from the videos - Henderson ones have been killing me.


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Sep 13, 2015
Days like yesterday make you remember what a family we are.. We may be twats a lot of the time, but this great clubs unites us through the ups and downs. A truly unique club, I can't imagine what it's like not to support Liverpool.

I feel blessed I can start to enjoy days like yesterday with my little one and take him to Anfield and introduce him to the family I joined so so long ago. that fills me with so much joy.

A golden sky this morning well and truly.

p.s. Our players singing was all about us, the club no-one else.. That's what has been built by Mr Klopp - he enters folklore.

Hope in your heart

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Jul 16, 2007
I knew we were going to win, I could feel it into my bones. As much as last year was a heartbreak, with everything going against us, this time around, the Gods had paved the way for our lads. They only needed to get there, and make the game theirs. Beforehand, I could very easily visualise in my inner eye Hendo lifting Big Ears. Last year, that wasn't the case.

So, all what happened yesterday, the somewhat dull scenario after the early penalty, Tottenham seeming unable to break us down, and our lads just staying ice-cold and doing their collective and individual jobs, seemed like a foregone conclusion: we'd win this one, and confirm our new status as Europe's best.

Because make no mistake, we are easily the best now, with some distance. Man City pipped us to the league title by one point, but they hadn't the double challenge league and CL, which we had. They would have lost points if they had had to go through the semi-finals, I'm sure of it. In that sense, this trophy means more to me than the league title. It confirms our uprising to the very summit, and it's clear to see for everyone in Europe. Four English teams were disputing two cups among themselves, but we won the bigger one, the one which counts. We are the very best, and at the top.

So, how I am coping today? Very calm right now, enjoying the moment, probably with a stupid smile on my face all the time. A bit sore because of too much beer in my organism, but nothing I can't cope with. Feeling stupidly happy, for Klopp, for his team, for all the fantastic fans out there...

That's it. I'm not going to waste energy in imagining what could come in the future. As we have seen already, the future can be quite unforeseeable... who would for instance have thought in 2007, just after our second CL final in two years, that we would be on the brink of administration three years later? Yet, it nearly happened. Similarly, if anyone had said to me four years ago, just after we got trounced by Stoke 6-0, that we'd sit here in the glory of a number six, after our second CL final in a row, and sitting on 97 points in the league, I'd have declared him ripe for the nuthouse!

So, I won't try to look too much forward or building expectation for things to come. I'll take everything which will come our way as a bonus. The first one being the big trophy parade which is about to start in Liverpool!

:cheers: :celebrating: :celebrating: :celebrating: :celebrating: :celebrating: :celebrating::cheers:


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Sep 18, 2006
Drank to glory and smoked up as well, didn’t sleep a wink till 10am. Went out for breakfast after the trophy presentation with some mates, saw fellow reds in local coffee shops wearing the kit still. Don’t know any of them but hugs and fist bump all over. Now that reminds me why I supported this club since the early age some 30 odd years back.

Right now, nursing hang over still and @Barnestormer gave me a tip on how to get over it. Got it done and stable now, but awake at 1130pm now. I guess I am going to watch the match all over again then....


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Feb 26, 2015
I've spent most of my lazy sunday just browsing social media, watching videos from twitter, you tube and the like, reading news articles and just taking as much in as i can.

I've still got all the newspapers from 2005, so ill be keeping all the 2019 ones as well.


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Sep 16, 2012
I did my best to avoid posting in the prematch thread until the game started. I felt we would win but the fear that Poch and his team could trouble us was always lurking in the back of my head. Now there feels like there's some fucker in there trying to hammer his way out.............I'm simply dying with a monster Hangover. Fly out tomorrow for a two week family holiday which is badly needed.