Starting a Transfer Rumour Thread? Read this FIRST!

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Jan 22, 2007
Dedicated threads to transfer targets or players leaving the club are ONLY to be created if there's enough substance to the rumour, and is being widely circulated through RESPECTED and RELIABLE media sources. (For more on that, please visit the Banned, Unwanted, and Reliable Sources thread.)

Your mate's brother's wife's uncle know a bloke who drives a cab who claimed that the second cousin twice removed of Lionel Messi was in there, and mentioned that he liked Liverpool? No, that's not a credible source.

Random bloke on twitter claims we're buying Hazard? No, that's not a credible source.

Credible sources would be articles from aforementioned publications/journalists containing quotes from the player in question, his agent, or the clubs involved.

If there is a solid rumour being circulated, then by all means create the thread if it isn't already open. (Please do a quick search to see before starting) When posting a thread about a transfer, please use the standard format:
  • Rumour about a player ARRIVING: Full Name* (Position) Current Club.
  • Rumour about a player LEAVING: Full Name* to Club(s) linked. (No need for the position, we know that already!)
Paste the info contained in the article(s) mentioning the rumour, along with a link back to the original site, and by all means chime in if it's a good move or a bad one. That'll get the ball rolling.

ANY other transfer rumour should be contained SOLELY to the Unreliable Rumours Thread. This is also the thread to be used to discuss anything posted in the Twitter Rumours Thread - a thread that is ONLY to contain reposted tweets concerning LFC-related activity.

*And spell the bloody name right!
Not open for further replies.