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Summer Transfer Window

How would you rate our summer transfer window?

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Sep 3, 2008
So with the forums being down since the end of the transfer window I wanted to see everyone's thoughts/feelings on how we did in the transfer window. Did we make the right signings? What did we do good/bad? Were there any other players you would have liked us to bring in? Were there any players you were dissapointed to see leave?

I have attached a poll to this thread where you can rate our transfer window out of 10. Also it would be great if everyone can rate our new signings out of 10 (and their thoughts on them) so that if anyone makes a claim during the season that they knew player x or y was going to turn out good/crap we have something to look back on and compare.


Hope in your heart

Loyalty and patience, two undervalued concepts.
Jul 16, 2007
I voted 5 overall.

There are some promising new players who have come in:

Allen 7
Borini 6.5
Assaidi 6
Sahin 7.5
Yesin: 6

This compensates a bit for an otherwise disappointing transfer window:

No new left back: 3
Letting Carroll go without a replacement: 1
Apart from Assaidi, no new winger to compensate for Bellamy's, Maxi's and Kuyt's departures, although Borini has been played on the left so far: 2

So, between some good signings (especially Allen and Sahin), and some dismal events or non-events, I think a 5 would be about fair...


TIA 2nd Team
Dec 10, 2010
I would agree with Hope's scores. But I have high hopes that in a few years we will look back at this window and the young talents we collected and give the window a higher overall score.

However, in the shorterm some of the glaringly, obvious shortcomings are worrisome.
Sep 3, 2008
Agree with pretty much most of what you have said Hope!

Here are my ratings for our new signings:

Allen: 7.5 (Think he is going to be a tidy little player for us. A bit expensive but still young and seems to have the right mentality.)

Borini: 7 (A good signing for his age + price but needs time and not ready yet to be a guaranteed starter- which he has effectively become after our inability to bring in another forward.)

Assaidi: 7 (Have not seen him in a Liverpool shirt to have much of an opinion but for the price he is a low risk signing and I think with his pace and creativity he will bring something extra to the squad).

Sahin: 7.5 (Good to have gotten him ahead of Arsenal but only here for a season and the position was not really our main priority.)

Yesin: 6 (Don't know much about him. Just hope he works out but still very young and expect him to be in the reserves for a while.)

However my overall rating for the transfer window is a 6. Besides the utter shambles of the last few hours of the window where we managed to confirm to the entire world how naive we really are what pissed me off was that we failed to address what should have been our number 1 priority at the end of last season- bringing in a proven goalscorer!

And not only that instead of actually strengthening up front we actually got rid of our 35m center forward on loan without even having a guaranteed placement lined up in the dying hours of the window. Really amateurish stuff. And no matter how shit Carroll was last season having him here would have been better than nothing and at least he had the potential of becoming better and could have provided a decent backup plan at the end of a game.

Also the players that we did get rid of contributed 18 league goals for us last season. Now not only do we need to replace all those goals but also find around an extra 20 on top of that to have a chance of finishing 4th (Spurs scored the least goals out of the top 4 last season and still scored 66 compared to our 47). Where are we going to find all those goals? Why couldn't we stump an extra 1-2m to bring Dempsey in?

Furthermore as much as I like and am impressed by Sterling we should not be relying on a 17 year old to be starting week in week out for us on the wing. It will end up being detrimental both for us and Sterling's future.

Before the last few days of the window (esp after it became clear we had won the race for Sahin) I was actually getting pretty optimistic that maybe we have finally learned from our past mistakes and were actually going to have another good transfer window after such a long time. But sure enough as quickly as I had gotten my hopes up they came crashing down just as quick.


TIA Youth Team
Aug 1, 2011
I went with a 6.

We cleared lots of under-performing wages and changed the entire look of the squad. Yes some people were left with a sour taste in their mouth after the deadline debacle, but I'm okay with signalling the intention to bleed in the youth. Borini looks like a more athletic Kuyt (with lots of potential to grow), Allen looks boss, and we kept our leaders on the pitch.


May 11, 2006
The players we did bring in look good signings, the problem was letting too many experienced attacking players go with a goal of wage reduction and not replacing them. We are now paper thin up top and are relying on a 17 year old and Suarez staying fit in order to stay competitive.

Billy Biskix

TIA Youth Team
Ad-free Member
Jul 23, 2011
We've ended the summer with the thinnest squad I can ever remember. We started the transfer window knowing that if there was one thing we needed above everything else, it was a goalscorer. And yet somehow we ended up with fewer strikers at the club than we had at the start. It was a monumental balls up and the Carroll loan is just mind-bogglingly stupid. We looked like a complete bunch of amateurs.

Allen looks good. If Sahin reproduces his Dortmund form then we'll have a class player on our hands (for a year at least). My jury's out on Borini. I know nothing about Assaidi or Yesil. We kept Suarez and Skrtel on new contracts when I was convinced one of them would go. Agger's still here but no new contract so we'll be going through the same saga in January no doubt, when he'll be available a little cheaper to any interested buyers. Oh, and we got to keep Joe Cole....

The one good thing is that a thin squad means the youngsters will get a proper crack at first team experience. Sterling's done well, although I'm worried he might be overplayed. And Shelvey's getting games and looking really good. Overall though we've left ourselves lacking in numbers and quality and January seems a long way off.


On the one road
Aug 20, 2010
I'm happy enough with who we have brought in but we do look a bit too light up top.We really should have tried to keep hold of the likes of bellamy,kuyt and maxi.As it has turned out 2 of those 3 would have made our forward line look so much better.Hopefully with the new scouts just in,the owners and BR have a plan to buy come the next window.


TIA Squad Member
Sep 28, 2008
Wasn't it eerie that the forum crashed on the woeful night of the transfer window, it was like the forum just thought 'good god I can't handle this'.

That night was unbelievably depressing, the moment when it became clear all our deals were off and nobody was coming in. I felt like we were a laughing stock as Dempsey went to Spurs. I'm happy with what came in but the decision to let Carroll go to West Ham with no replacement in was disastrous.

I'm just extremely thankful we didn't get Michael Owen in as that would have been the most embarassing thing ever, I was literally dreading seeing the news when we were linked with him those few days after the window closed incase I saw him posing in a Liverpool shirt.

I really hope Borini starts scoring, people in the media (like Lawro whom I loathe) are already slagging him off saying hes not Liverpool quality.


TIA Regular
Jun 19, 2007
Allen is already proving to be a great signing. The rest have it all to prove.

The fact we do not have even 1 starting 11 cf is just laughable, and immediately knocks 5 points off for me. I voted 4 out of 10, the rest of the signings look promising, Allen looks like a star in the making. Not 1 cf in a squad that is having trouble scoring though? Wtf?

Actually what happened? I was cut off from the world whilst away? We're we in for players?


TIA Squad Member
Jul 12, 2007
Swings and roundabouts I suppose. Shifted lots of wages deadwood though there were a few losses up front that are being felt up front acutely. There is now space in the squad to bring through youth and it seems that does seem to be part of the current plan. Whether this is was part of the original plan, due to chases for maturity in Dempsey, but the boss seems to view it as a positive. After harping on this topic for a number of seasons I must admit its a joy to see Shelvey, Sterling and to a lesser extent Robinson breaking through. Word is Suso is part of today's squad so rather than seeing it as a 5-6, mainly due to the chaotic scenes that melted TIA, I'm gonna plump for a 7. I like what we've brought in which gives a great mix of pace, skill and most importantly resilience. We're still lacking a forward to provide 20+ goals but even with the duff recent results I'm more than content to watch this squad develop


Always one of us. RIP.
Apr 15, 2009
A preliminary 4

Last 2 days of the window bore out all of my frustrations regarding how lacking in brains and savvy we are at this kind of thing

Not beyond redemption at this point. But the bottom line is the manager has been left with a uncompetitive squad. Kids will get chances, that's the one silver lining. That and if 2 of our signings go on to become good first team level players. Then that would be the best we have done in 4 years

Even though we haven't really done very well. FSG lost me somewhat on that day. Where we're our back ups. Dempsey was Tottenhams, and sealed the deal in a matter of a couple of hours. While we were sitting around in jeans with our thumbs up our arses. Brilliant work

Some lessons have to be learned but the manager is in a difficult position at this point. First window revealed the poverty of our existing scouting network, negotiating efficiency and for me, cost cutting. Poor stuff and we could pay dearly for it


The Red From NZ
Jun 22, 2007
Think they players we did buy are good buys. Think Sahin will be a great addition, Allen already proving just what sort of quality he brings. Has been utterly outstanding.

Nothing more needs to be said our striker problems but they could cost us HUGELY.


TIA First Team
Jun 12, 2007
4. - To be left with the striking options we have for 25-27 games has pretty much guaranteed a poor season.


TIA Youth Team
Jun 2, 2011
Happy with the players who came in and gutted about the 31/08/12 fubar. I gave it 5.

Red Armada

TIA Regular
Jan 3, 2008
I voted 4 rather leniently.

What happened in the last day was downright neglicence in my book.
We've ended up with a squad that doesn't have a single established centre forward, it's the thinnest in recent memory and a good portion of its players are nothing but unproven youngsters.

Not even Sunday League teams are run like this.


Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2012
I voted a 6. If you forget about the ugliness of deadline day, we actually did quite well. We brought in a fantastic young midfielder who has the ability to stand in for Lucas when he's injured and play alongside (and perfectly complement) him when he's fit. With Joe Allen, our midfield looks the strongest it has since it was Masch-Xabi-Gerrard. Lucas and Allen will dovetail nicely and be a great midfield for years to come.

I was ecstatic when we were first linked with Sahin and even more when we landed him. He's a fantastic player with loads of potential and he can fill any position in the midfield three. I hope we somehow make his stay here permanent because I rate him.

Borini looked to be a shrewd signing early in the summer but I'm growing less convinced with each game. I still think he'd be great as a central striker with Suarez in support, but he offers little from the right. Hopefully he turns out for us but I'm not sure.

I was completely unaware of Oussama Assaidi and Samed Yesil when we signed them. While I can't pass too much judgment on either, I did watch Yesil play for Germany's U19s and he tore it up. He's a composed finisher who has strong instincts in the box, is well rounded, and helps his team defensively. And he scores goals. I think that this was a great piece of business because he was cheap, he looks like what we need, and he reminds me a bit of Torres. Hopefully he gets some playing time this season. Assaidi looks great -- from youtube videos. Both were cheap, both potentially great deals.

Deadline day was ugly. We're now stuck without enough forwards for half the season. But we did sign several tremendous players, and a few with great potential, and we did it without paying over the odds. For me, that's a relatively good transfer window.


Watcher of the skies
Oct 23, 2010
I gave a six and was disappointed to see that that was the most popular choice. Should've made it 5. I'm not complaining about the players we brought in, although Borini has yet to impress, but we let a lot experienced players go without replacing that level of experience. That's another reason why Dempsey would've been a good buy.

Of course, letting Carroll go before we had secured his replacement was simply poor management by all concerned. IMO we should've had a replacement signed up, and not just go into the last day with a good feeling that we would get either Dempsey or Sturridge.

As I have said several times already, I wanted us to bid for Leighton Baines and I'm disappointed that we didn't get some other left back if not Baines.

Never Say Never

FSG are the iluminati
Aug 15, 2010
I only deal in absolutes. Either one or ten. We either win the league or get relegated. World class or shite.

So I chose one.

hugo the horrible

Ridiculously optimistic.(even more so now)
Oct 24, 2010
Can't see past a 4.
The deadline day was an absolute fiasco, after letting 3 scorers go we then go and loan Carroll without replacing him,I was speechless then and it seems so was the forum.

Started off well enough with Borini then Allen who looks the goods, wait and see on Borini.

Sahin was a good one but only a year long loan.

Assaidi and Yesil, we haven't seen yet, very keen to see them both and hope they can find the net for us.

Dempsey was never the see all to end all for me,but to still play penny pinching on deadline day when we were that light on in the scoring dept....words fail me.

Zinedine Biscan

Spreading the word of St Igor
Jul 31, 2009
Voted for 7.

I like the players who came in. One in particular, Allen, I think is a Liverpool legend in the making, wonderful little player.

But the failure to bring in a goalscorer, when that failing was there for everyone to see last season, was shameful. I'm pro-FSG in most respects, but that open letter from JWH had me shaking my head as I read it. Essentially "we decided not to spend £6m on a 29-year-old, who might only be at the top of his game for three or four years. But, hey, we've got Adam Morgan - so why are you all complaining?"

Because of their failure to back the manager by bringing in a player he had identified as being required - and we're not talking about earth-shattering amounts of money here, it was hardly the £25m or whatever United paid for van Persie - we look like we're in for a hard season of struggle, and will probably be 5 or more league positions below where we could have been with someone in the team who can score goals. Shameful. The worst thing is, I can see Rodgers getting the flak from it this season, maybe even the sack if we finish low enough.


TIA Youth Team
Mar 9, 2011
Honestly still devastated by the window.

I like all of the players we brought in, but it is impossible to look past the Carroll situation and no replacement, it will probably cost us 3/4 positions on the table by the end of the season.

This, and this alone has me rating the window a 3. Still in disbelief over the situation.


Ad-free Member
Jan 14, 2012
Gave it a generous 3.
Disastrous window.
Joe Allen, although a decent player, poses and postures too much with numerous sideways or backward passes, offering little forward creativity.
Sahin, who had so many people wetting themselves over the creative element Allen doesn't offer wasn't deemed to be needed yesterday.
Everyone knew we needed a goalscorer before the window even opened, yet we monumentally fucked that piece of required business up too.


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Sep 16, 2012
4 for me. I think the Carroll situation was handled very badly by Brendan right from the get go. It was obvious he didnt want him yet the way we went about it drove the price and demand down.
Sahin and Allen are top players, hopefully we can get the former on a permanent deal next summer.
The failure to get a finisher during this window was mind boggling. This team has been crying out for a finisher since Torres left and failure to get one should have heads rolling. Not sure about Borini, he looks a bit powderpuff but hes young so may come good.


TIA Regular
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May 5, 2007
Gave it a 3.

Allen has been a massive coup, none of the the new signings have jumped out, although to be fair to Sahin, he hasn't really had much time, so he can't be judged to harshly.

Droping the wage bill like we have done is all well and good, but to not have a single out and out striker in the senior squad shows that I think FSG don't really grasp the huge amount of investment needed to get the squad up to full strength. Whilst both Suarez and Borini can play as strikers, I don't class either of them as proper strikers, they are more providers than finishers and it shows in the lack of cutting edge we have in the final 3rd. But considering we are back in European competition, we really needed to be strengthening our squad not culling it to ensure we can fit on all fronts


hurry up, July 1st, let's get the show on the road
Jun 23, 2003
i went with a four too.

the loan of sahin might be a decent bit of business, although from what ive seen so far it might be just a bit of exercise for him.

allen looks like a great bit of business, im really not conviced yet with borini, the much glorified hardwork ethic he has just seems par for the course of a middling player in the prem, to me we've just spent 9 million pound downgrading on kuyt at this particular moment, although im not writing him off just yet.

the carrol fiasco really just sticks the boot in.

some good little deals coming in, far too many going out without being replaced leaves me with no doubt that so long as we dont get relegated this season and FSG have our history to exploit market then they'll be fairly happy.


Klopp Klopp
Dec 4, 2010
Joe Allen looks like a good piece of business. Assaidi could be a bargain, Sahin should do well for us this year and Borini has potential to grow and improve. Each of the incoming players could well turn out to be a shrewd move. So far, so good.

However. the overall picture is this: Last year, we struggled for goals. It was the main (although certainly not the only) problem that season. Kenny got fired, Rodgers came in. Rodger's tactics and philosophy are admirable, but have on glaring weakness: Lack of goals. At this point, the potential problem could still be solved: Get a proper striker in who will guarantee 15-20 goals, thus lifting the pressure on the entire team and making it far easier for Rodgers to settle in.

Instead we sold the players who got half our goals last year, we loaned out our only real striker who finally had some fire in his belly and looked to be improving and we got no goalscorer in. Not one. In essence, we looked at what our weak spot was last year and weakened it much further over the summer, both by choosing the new manager and selling half our squad. Therefore I give the transfer window overall a 3, because I think we have significantly weakened the squads ability to compete, even though I do think every purchase we made is decent to good. I just think they were made for the wrong positions.


Sep 16, 2012
I gave it a 4 and I think I'm being a bit generous there as it was a fucking disastrous transfer window.

The naivety shown by the manager and owners was shocking. We've left ourselves in a situation where we have to buy in January and everyone knows it so prices will be more than usual for us. So by saving one or two million on Dempsey (not that he was the answer to our problems but he'd have been better than nothing) we will have to spend that million or two, plus the January premium so it's such short terminism that's cost us millions (plus the indrect effect that we may now finish lower than we otherwise would have so costing us more money).

We lost our entire attack and replaced it with one unproven and thus far, disappointing forward. From the start of the window (hell from last January) it was obvious that our first priority was a goalscorer. Someone who could put the ball in the back of the net. Instead we got rid of all those who could do that and just completely fucked up the window. Even if we'd have signed Dempsey that would only have been a partial solution as we would still have needed at least one extra forward type player (i.e. a goalscorer plus another creative type scorer as well).

Rodgers whoring Carroll out was a big mistake. He was starting to come good for us and if Rodgers was as good a coach as he and others think he is, then he should be able to improve the players at his disposal and help them integrate into his system. It won't happen for everyone but they aren't robots that can only do one task. These are professional footballers and can play football so there was no need for such major disruption.

As it is we're reliant on Suarez and some kids. If that's not a shambles I don't know what is. We are further behind than we ever have been I think. I'd say Everton have a better squad than us at the minute and that's a bit of a joke.

Last season Dalglish had us playing some great stuff. We just couldn't score. Creating chances was never a problem, we created loads every game. Had he stayed I'm positive he'd have brought us at least two forwards who could score (and also sell one or two of his mistakes). Instead we brought in players to fit a 'philosphy' which cost money (although Allen looks decent but he could have fit in Dalglish's team too) and ended up not fixing the one problem that cost us so much last season instead making it a lot worse.

As I said a 4 out of 10 is generous. We'll see how it all turns out.

Paddy Mickey Joe

TIA Youth Team
Oct 17, 2010
3/10.We did bring in some decent players but number of forward players that were let go and weren't replaced means that this season is a write-off before it has even began.All we can do is keep going until January and try not to be dragged into a relegation battle.Hopefully we can get in a few players then and climb up the table.