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The Dark Arts


New Member
May 16, 2019
What i will say is that for the first time in years, this is a Liverpool side that does not get bullied. Not only are we technically superb and athletic, we are solid and throw the boot in.

Kenny Dalglish LFC Legend

Well-Known Member
May 12, 2016
yeah, it´s a between the devil and the deep blue sea position really. I hate the idea of playing with a cynical streak, it´s horrible to see and I love Klopp´s purist idea of how the game should be played. He wants to win no doubt about that but I get the idea with him it´s not at all costs, he wouldn´t feel good if it was done by cheating.
On the other hand we´ve been done enough times by the cheats and the history books only document the final scores.

I think for me it has to be done the right way, hard but fair. Souness had the balance for me. What a fantastic footballer, hard as nails, he would break you in two but not in a nasty cowardly Roy Keane type way just a 50/50 full blooded tackle. But boy did he have finesse. What I wouldn´t give for a Souness in midfield in this team.