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The Owners


"Oh, history writer, don't close the pages yet!"
May 17, 2007
I completely understand the logic behind not buying for the sake of buying. We saw what it did with Carroll, and we saw what it did the window afterwards when good money went after bad with Downing etc. And I also completely understand that the options for us out there - we need proper quality, but quality willing to accept the club's ethos and know that they've a fight on their hands getting into the starting XI - are limited.


The dropoff in quality from Mane/Bob/Mo to Shaq/Div/Brewster is fucking substantial. We're already seeing the panic that not having Alisson for 4-6 weeks (thank fuck its only that long!) can induce since the drop in quality from him is big. Something like that happens to one of the top three then we're relying on backup players who aren't top class for a period. Am sure they can step in and do a job here and there as needed (saw it with Div yesterday, and tbf again against Barca last season) but for a sustained period it fucking worries me. Because the margins now are so bloody fine, thanks to the oil-swallowing juggernaut of Citeh.

All that aside, I do believe its not down to the owners that we're in this position. The decision to stand pat this summer was Klopp and Edwards. They've earned faith and trust given their accomplishments, demonstrating time and time again they know what they're doing, and would rather wait to get their man than start going down the pecking order to "consolation prizes."
A while back, I'd be absolutely bloody livid at such window, even if I'm aware that it's something of a norm for Klopp and Edwards to finish the summer in the black (net spend is down to some 80-85 million pounds, if I'm not mistaken, for the time Klopp's been at Liverpool). It wasn't what I expected, I thought getting three players to replace Lovren, Moreno and nobody as Mane's backup wouldn't be that difficult.

Strangely, I'm calm about this, perhaps because not spending anything should have a two-fold positive effect: no added pressure on the squad and maybe some improved performances as a result of Klopp's show of faith. Clutching at straws perhaps but Liverpool (and the rest of the league, in case they didn't get the memo) are up against a state-owned club and it would take a lot more than continued spending on superstars to bring them down. They've been planning for Guardiola's arrival for years and years, after all, while Klopp had Škrtel and Benteke when he arrived.

As others have said, I think we'll probably see what FSG (and Klopp and Edwards) have in store for Liverpool in perhaps a year or two. New training ground and another stadium expansion are a must, in my opinion, and we'll see what state the squad and club staff are in in a year's or two's time. I guess that the stronger the finish at the end of the season, the stronger the negotiation basis for FSG regarding important sponsorship deals. I think the stadium expansion, new kit manufacturer and new kit sponsor are more than just a hefty financial incentive: if they get these right, we'll be up there with the giants again and maybe we'll be there to stay.


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Apr 29, 2008
Well according to TIA Sturridge's wages were exactly 120 000 pounds per week.

I might be wrong. However, wages reported in the media arent consistent and dont usually differentiate between basic and figures including bonuses or add ons - these are pulled from god knows where and therefore probably compare different sorts of numbers. We know Studge wasnt playing a lot of minutes, and had little in the way of goals or assists - so if that 120k wasnt basic, he wasnt getting all of it. Secondly, I recall reading that FSG negotiated contracts that pay more in early years but dip in the final year. I also recall reading that the club made £100k the wage for first team regulars but i note there are players such as Alisson there below that. I'd also be surprised if the captain is on a lower salary than Keita, having just renegotiated a contract, when he was already said to be earning £100k+.

Levy is not a fool, it does not work like that - spending huge and then thinking ''wow, we have huge loan to pay!''. Actually Levy is a very, very smart businessman and he has a clear idea what he is doing.
Who says Levy is a fool?

And I don't know how we are in a smilar position with Spurs, they have to pay 1 billion pounds for their new stadium, so according to you last season Poch had a choice and he decided to keep their best players.
So you cant see a similarity between two clubs who pay out increased contracts on 6 of their key first team players, then dont sign anyone that summer while both sets of managers highlight the importance of spending on the current squad?

We have to pay considerably smaller bills and for the last 3 seasons Liverpool Football Club is a very profitable from a financial point of view. And I don't remember Klopp saying he had a choice - new contracts to his players or not possible to add new quality players.
Spurs wage ratio until last season was just over 40%. Having won nothing, their bonuses are probably not that great relatively speaking. Our wage ratio is just below 60% and having had deep runs in the CL have incurred sizeable bonuses, no? Our wage bill was reported to have jumped 25% before the new contracts where done. We're also paying on a new stand, and for all we know, some money may be being kept back to go towards ARE and the new training complex.

And I don't remember Klopp saying he had a choice - new contracts to his players or not possible to add new quality players.
I didnt say it stopped him adding quality players. I'm saying it had an impact on the clubs willingness to do business, especially for players who are not seen as making a significant improvement to the squad.

So, according to your 2 posts, the club won 200 mln. pounds from the CL, but the problem was that they gave new contracts to several players, paid increased bonuses and that is why we can't spend big? New contracts and bonuses ate all our earnings :-))
er..no, I was pretty explicit in my posts that it is probably (in my opinion) a contributing factor - not the most significant factor, as to why we havent spent much in this market. I believe there are funds available if Klopp wants to spend, and depending on the importance of the player that the club would spend to get them. The CL money isnt free money. As Klopp says, the club has bills to pay. There are also a number of other factors ranging from target availability and planning for transfers next summer etc.


"¿Plata... O Plomo?"
Sep 18, 2006
Don't think one should be proud to draw similarities between us and Spurs in our operations.