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The Unreliable Rumours Thread

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Watcher of the skies
Oct 23, 2010
There's noise that Liverpool might sell Rhian Brewster. Is this a mistake or is this Liverpool's only option because they haven't managed to unload Harry Wilson? We'd better be getting at least 30m with a buyback clause on Brewster. I might be wrong but outside of Harvey Elliot, Brewster appears to be the only Academy product who could one day soon make the 1st team.
If you think Harvey Elliot will make the first team before Curtis Jones, then I'm afraid you are wrong. ;)

In reply to your first question: yes and, at the moment, yes. I think it's bollocks myself. It's just the press putting two and two together and getting 20 million. Something like - 'So, they've had no offers for Grujic, Wilson or Origi. Who else can they sell? Oh yeah! What about Brewster?! The others don't score goals, Brewster does so he must be worth at least 20 million. Got to be a whole load of clubs want him. I'll throw in the usual suspects.'

And thus, a transfer rumour is born.
Not open for further replies.