TIA - Player of the season 2018/2019

TIA Player of the season 2018/19

  • TAA (our best full-back since Finnan, with so much potential for better things to come)

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  • Fabinho (has made the sitting position his own now, definitely)

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  • Firmino (the man who makes it happen in attack)

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  • Matip (not bad from our fourth choice defender)

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  • Milner (the dependable maid for every task at hand, numerous assists and goals)

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  • Keita (difficult start, getting better and better)

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  • Shaqiri (double against the red mancs)

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  • Sturridge (miracle goal at Chelsea in the last minute)

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  • Origi (miracle goal against Everton in the last second)

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  • Lallana (nice haircut)

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Oct 3, 2016
Sorry not feeling the Becker love. He's been an upgrade sure but his special saves earlier in the season have to be balanced against mistakes and looking slightly nervy of late. VVD has even been made to look bad by him a couple of times FFS.

In order of who'd get my vote(s):
Top 3: VVD clear favourite; Robbo also deserving. Mane forward of the season and his goals have kept us in it lately.
Best of rest: Gini; Millie and TAA very solid. Bobby has shown flashes of brilliance. Ditto Fabinho. Then Mo; Becker. Behind these guys are those with cameos of awesome: JoeGo clear first and would probably make the top 3 a top 4 if stayed fit; Origi; Hendo; Shaq; Matip; Keita.
Are u shure??!!