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Were you alive when Liverpool last won the league?

Were you alive the last time Liverpool won the league?

  • Yes

    Votes: 60 82.2%
  • No

    Votes: 13 17.8%

  • Total voters

Keegans Perm

Well-Known Member
Jul 3, 2013
I was 6 when we last won it. Think I really started obsessing over football and Liverpool a couples of years later when McManaman came onto the scene, he was my absolute hero. So I don't really remember the last title win. My earliest memory of a Liverpool trophy win was the 1995 Coca Cola cup final when Macca scored 2 to cancel out Alan Thompsons goal for Bolton.
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TIA Regular
Feb 26, 2011
I was 6 when we last won the league title. At that point, I was living (with my parents) in Glasgow, so the only football I was aware of was Rangers and Celtic, and even then, it was largely watching chaos unfold in the streets whenever the Old Firm Derbies were on.

Was 12 when I became a Liverpool Fan. Houlliers' Treble reds were therefore my first proper taste of LFC success during 2000/2001, when I would have been 17ish. I still remember the UEFA Cup final like it was yesterday!

Red over the water

Well-Known Member
May 13, 2018
I was 19 when we last won the league. I had been a red my whole life - my dad used to stand on the Kop throughout the 60s and it was all passed down to us. I’ve lived in the States for over a decade now and the football is one thing that gives me a real sense of home, belonging, roots and joy.

When we won our last title it all seemed so normal, as that’s what we did. We just won stuff. With alarming regularity. And we could all identify with Paisley who said, “Mind you, I’ve been here through the bad times too. One year we finished second.” I would have laughed if you had told me it would be 30 more years until we win another one.

I‘m loving what we are doing these days, but I’m taking nothing for granted. I don’t mean this season’s title, as we are so far ahead it is ridiculous to suggest we won’t finish the job. But next season Man City will be hungry to get it back, Man Utd could get it together if they get a better manager like Poch, Chelsea have a good young team that will grow and find more consistency, and so on...

I want us to win it, and win it again, and hopefully enjoy a period of sustained success where we win a few, and renew and build another team along the way, who keep the success going. I’m a greedy bugger since we haven’t won it for 30 years, but I want this to be a new era of success.


No football club is successful without hard work.
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Oct 19, 2015
Was it two against one or just a free for all? Who won? :unsure:
It was always a free-for-all in the Boy's Pen; the only rules were kick ahead…

…any head.

After a poor start, I think I was just getting on top when someone, it could have been @RedLar broke it up.
Spoilsport. :mad:


Well-Known Member
Sep 5, 2016
Interested to see what volume of posters have actually seen us win the league. 30 years is along time. More than a generation. For many, more than a lifetime.

Just did a quick scan to see what trophies the reds have won since I was born. Happy to report that I only ever missed us winning 5 league titles. Trophy List is as follows in my lifetime:

13 League titles
6 European Cups/CL
3 UEFA Cups
7 FA cups
8 League Cups
4 Euro Super Cups
1 World Club Championship
15 charity sheilds

57 and soon to be 58 trophies. Its averaging one a year for me.
Well, I count 14 league titles, so can count 1 more trophy than you RedLar - though I didn't include the Div 2 in 1962/3, if you did that makes me 2 up!


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2015
I was 20 . It didn't register that much with me for several reasons back then. There was no mobile phones , no internet and not much general media cover about anything sport related from outside Germany. You had to read footy magazines to follow other leagues.
Other than that there was at best a brief clip of celebrations on saturday night's mandatory sport television show "Aktuelles Sportstudio" (Germany's MOTD - anybody ever noticed how these shows have been there like ... forever?).
On top of that it wasn't much of a sensation - unlike the few times Liverpool didn't win it in the 80s. It felt a bit like LFC was England's Bayern Munich at the time in my perception - and yes - I feel dirty saying that - never would have thought such a draught was about to happen.


True Believer
Ad-free Member
Jul 10, 2010
I had just turned 7 in '88 when I started 'supporting' Liverpool, but that essentially just consisted of looking at the classified results while mum was making tea. I had no upbringing in football at that point so I was making it up as I went along.

I was aware that we had won it in in 1990, but it didn't really mean that much to me at 8 years old. Was the following few years before I really started to understand it all.


Fortune Favours the Gegenpress
Apr 29, 2011
So, basically this forum is populated by old bastards.

Seriously though, it's great listening to each member posting on here and getting an idea of each member's journey. Makes me feel like a baby as I'm half as old as some of you, and maybe only a third old of some of our more "seasoned" posters.

Alright Now

Well-Known Member
Apr 16, 2016
So, basically this forum is populated by old bastards.

Seriously though, it's great listening to each member posting on here and getting an idea of each member's journey. Makes me feel like a baby as I'm half as old as some of you, and maybe only a third old of some of our more "seasoned" posters.
I may be a couple of years older than some of you, but I have youthfulism on my side.