Who has been Klopp’s most important signing?

Klopp's most important signing

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Andy C Legs
Aug 22, 2019
If it’s limited to one, Van Dijk. Transformed the back line, which was the weakest part of the team, and generally you can’t compete for the biggest prizes if you can’t defend. World class. Has got the lot.

If I can add a second choice, I’d say Alisson. World class, oozes authority. A top keeper is worth x amount of points a season, which enables you to challenge for the title, and obviously if they come up with big moments too e.g. Alisson’s save against Napoli, it could be the difference between winning something as big as the Champions League or getting knocked out.

If I can add a third choice I’d say Sadio Mane. Arguably he suffers in my ranking slightly because our attack was pretty good before he arrived, so the transformation to the overall team hasn’t been as notable. Mind you, he is mustard. I would have him as our most important attacker at the moment. World class. Fast, goals, dribbles, presses, defends, decent in the air too, especially for his size.
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Apr 28, 2015
His contract.

You need to consider the contract as an anthropomorphic personification though.
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