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Who would you buy?


The Singaporean Liverpool Never Managed To Sign
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Aug 5, 2008
I would be surprised if we are not working on signings but as Klopp always insisted, he signs only who he wants not one of a cluster of similar players


Yours for £1m. Need to make room for Dean Saunders
May 24, 2007
I guess we need an actual DM backup...Fabinho has been world-class in that position with his sense of awareness...Having Hendo in there will make us quite open than what we can accept.

And we need a back-up forward to Firmino...
I don’t this is the way to tackle the issue. Fabinho is a positional specialist, and one of the best in the world. DMs (or any position) are not just like Lego pieces you can swap in and out. It took Fabinho himself several months to be fully able to play that role the way Klopp wants.

Buying someone to have in reserve, in case Fab is injured makes no sense.

Hendo, Gini will be trusted to play that role. Milner and Lallana can also do a job there.


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Jul 15, 2013
Harry Wilson is on a good scoring record but he won't make it in Liverpool depending on a one trick pony. Its nice to have a great free kick taker but Klopp requires alot more from his players. Wilson at this moment disappears too much during games
Whenever I've seen him, he has an amazing free kick and like you said, he can pop up and score a goal but most of the time, it looks like he is hiding on the pitch. Pity since we could really do with a dead ball specialist like him. But as you say, there has to be a lot more than that. He wouldn't be bad for a mid-table/relegation team and I can easily see him ending up at the likes of Newcastle.