You can change the outcome of one football match - which one?

Discussion in 'The Albert - LFC Talk' started by Nikola, May 11, 2017.

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    Given that I always cling to past, I've been thinking about opening this thread for about a month, given that my tenth anniversary on TIA is coming up in less than a week and that for some reason that decade has been the worst in terms of trophies, probably since Liverpool were in Second Division... So, if anyone else was looking for the jinx, you've found it, I was telling you the whole time...

    So, which match's outcome do you change? Somewhat predictably, I choose the final in Athens, even though that would have usurped the balance in universe after that Istanbul shock. To be honest, I'd rather Rafa, Stevie and co. won two Champions League medals each than any other trophy. Yeah, even the title.
  2. Scott Jones

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    The Stevie G slip,that hurt him bad and i would've loved to see him win the league,my heart went out to him that day.
  3. shankly96

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    Torn between the 07 final and Chelski game in 13/14. Think the Chelski game hurt more. Losing the title and the Gerrard slip. If I could I'd change that, get to see us lift the trophy and not put up with other fans take on the Gerrard chant, I would. Still the only thing I haven't seen us win; would love to see it happen at some point.
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  4. Chewbazza

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    Liverpool v Chelsea 2013/14.

    No contest.
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  5. inaiq

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    Yeah.. That hurt bad... :((

    In recent past, Klopp as manager, the Europa final...:((
  6. redaderry

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    You guys obviously haven't been keeping up on the forum over the past 22 hrs, it's obviously the Southampton/Arsenal game:rolleyes:

    For me also it has to be the Chelsea game and the Gerrard slip. That could've been our time
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  7. SirBillShankly

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    That's easy.

    1988-89, the last game of the season, we lost 2-0 to Arsenal, Michael Thomas with a last minute goal.Never felt so gutted in my life.

    We lost the league, on goal difference, if we had of lost 1-0 I think we would have won the league.

    That's the game that still sticks in my throat more than any other.
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  8. KCollins

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    Very easy...Chelsea at home. Never been more gutted. Don't blame Stevie one iota as no midfielder should be last man near the half way line. A central defender making a pass near the left side of midfield FFS. Backline scattered all over the place. Having conceded for fun all season always felt Rodgers' cavalier non existent defensive set up would cost us and unfortunately it happened.

    The final in Athens comes nowhere close given the trophy had been won in Istanbul two years previous. Felt more frustrated after the Sao Paulo game...absolutely battered that lot but we lacked a finisher.
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  9. lfc.eddie

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    Villa held on to their lead that dampens United's pursuit in 08/09, that game was their catalyst to go on and win the title.
  10. Kopstar

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    European Cup final 1985 both on and off the pitch.

    On it we were robbed by a penalty given for a foul at least a yard outside the area. We would have to wait another 20 years to lift no.5.

    [It's actually worse than I remember - a good three or four yards outside the area when Gillespie commits the foul...


    I then remembered that we were done over at the other end as well when Whelan was blatantly fouled in the box and the referee waved it away...


    I've added the lines showing the penalty area as it's a bit faint]

    Off it needs no explanation but it led to our expulsion from Europe when we were dominating and that, combined with our boardroom inertia, led to us fading as a domestic and European superpower.
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  11. Mascot88

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    Liverpool v Chelsea 13/14. Take the draw.

    I doubt this is even a contest.
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  12. Kanonkop

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    Whatever game Grujic got injured in during pre-season or at the start of the season - whatever game it was that he got injured in. But for that, we would have won the league already!
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  13. Poor Scouser Tommy

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    The 1996 FA Cup Final.

    Whenever I reflect on our struggles over the past two decades, my mind serves up the image of Cantona scoring that goal.

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  14. Limiescouse

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    Yep, Chelsea is the obvious one, but I have often wondered whether if that result, or maybe even that FA cup tie against Everton 2 years later, went a different way whether we'd have ever got to Souness, And if not, then maybe our entire trajectory would have been different.

    Maybe the Utd game in 97 was a point that could have turned what has been a generational gap in titles won into just a small blip. We win that, we're top with 3 to play, maybe we win the title and from there everything is different, with Evans having a long and fruitful rein.
  15. boston red

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    Spice Boys turning up in their cream outfits for the FA Cup in 1996, Close second, Cantona scoring the winning goal in above cup.
    2007 Champions final, Stevie G slip up, Hodgson as manager, so much more oh god
  16. Werder4life

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    Werder's Euro league final against Shachtjor Donetzk.

    Would have changed the whole trajectory for the following decade...
  17. redbj

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    Weirdly enough, I think the FA Cup one would have turned our lads even more 'spice like'. I don't believe that would have changed our trajectory.

    Considering it's only one game....and the Chelsea result doesn't actually garuntee success, it's Athens for me.

    Win two EC in 3 years...and everything changes....were the stages in charge by then?....if not, it might have even obtained a better class of investor.
  18. Poor Scouser Tommy

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    What a great footballer he was.
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  19. Nevoo34

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    Chelsea home 2013-14

    Cut deep
  20. geebo

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    Thats one I remember badly too. Here is a quote from my diary from 1989 !!! You have to remember I was very young at the time I wrote this and at University:

    "The end of the season came and Liverpool had played twenty games, one every two days, to recover from the Hillsborough disaster and set up the end of season match with Arsenal. Arsenal went to Liverpool needing to win Two nil for the championship. Liverpool only had to draw, win or lose one nil. I drank two beers in the bar. I watched the match at Ian's (Shergar's). During the match I drank six cans of beer. The match ended and Arsenal had scored in the last minute to win. I was gutted. It was ten o'clock. We walked to the local pub and I drank a beer and whiskey in five minutes. Twenty people were singing Arsenal songs. I stood in the middle of them and sang 'Walk on'. I was louder than them all put together. The landlord threw me out of the pub!!! I sat outside and Ian went in and got the beer. I drank a total of five beers and five scotches. We had left his rooms at ten o`clock. The walk to the pub was at least ten minutes there and the same back. After beers five beers and scotches in forty minutes I walked back to the student bar and got there five to eleven. I ordered two beers and went to the toilet and was sick. I came back out to drink my next beer...." God ! I havent read that for literally ages... Its amazing that at the time I could run half marathons easy, and could also put away so much alcohol , and eventually get my degree... I get dizzy after a shandy these days :-) :-) :-)
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  21. Poor Scouser Tommy

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    Much respect. :well done:
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  22. MarkMcC

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    Likewise. We were punching above our weight with Rafa showing what a fantastic manager he was and is. Another Champions League title would have raised our profile further and maybe would have fuelled final step to league titles. It's ironic that we actually played better that year than when we won it. When Kuyt scored late on I must admit I thought we were on way to another Istanbul revival
  23. dandmc9

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    got to be the chelsea game or athens.

    or even that game where united scored from macheda in the 99th minute or something , when we had just scored in the last minute against fulham the day before
  24. kwala

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    The Chelsea game in 2014 or...

    Inter Milan 1965. Robbed by a corrupt ref. Shankly would have led us to our first European cup final! 12 years earlier!
  25. Hope in your heart

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    Geez... ten years already, how time flies by... but I'm really sorry to disappoint you, mate. The jinx could also come from @Mascot88 , @Zoran, @ubermick. Just like you, all logged in a few weeks/months before the lost final in 2007... ;-)

    Obviously, one could also say that everyone of us coming in later have only reinforced the jinx. As a consequence, we are probably all responsible for jinxing LFC... :-(

    Anyway, inaiq is right, as much as the slip cost us in 13/14, last year's lost final against Sevilla hurt us probably more in terms of how it held the development of the club back, and of course, it was one major trophy we missed out on... so if I had a choice, I'd change that peculiar game. All it would need is replacing that inept ref with a decent one. That would be enough probably... :((

    (edit: reading above posts, there have been quite a lot of them...)

    They were already in charge. If anyone jinxed us, it has to be them.
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  26. LaurazRed

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    Yep I was truly gutted by that game Damn Macheda for scoring the winner.

    The Chelsea in 13/14 game still stings a lot.
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  27. Red Armada

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    Regarding the Chelsea game in 13/14... Had we not lost it and went on to lift the title, how much goodwill would it have bought Rodgers?

    He could still be managing us today.

    Anyway Heysel and Hillsborough for me.
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  28. Clive

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    Chelsea result 2014 was a tragic of Shakespearean proportions. Stevie G, club captain, 16 seasons, legend....

    Everything else had mitigating context, 89 was in a period of dominance, 07 was only two years after the magic of Istanbul, 96 was Cantona, last year felt maybe too soon. 14 was the league and epic grief.
  29. redalways

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    I'm going to go with the Villa game mentioned above. Winning the league with Rafa and his team (who incidentally made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League the same season) would have been infinitely better than Rodgers.

    Also, Carragher and Gerrard would then have had the opportunity to win more titles, and 2009-10 might never have happened.
  30. mattyhurst

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    Very hard, I won't class Heysel or Hillsborough as those are more like games we wished had never taken place. Sad thing Hillsborough was a disaster waiting to happen, it had already had reports of crushing in previous years.

    Sadly all those disasters like Bradford could have been avoided, neglect led those stadiums to become the death traps they became, aided by hideous decision making that cost even more lives.

    Anyhow it probably would be Chelsea game, the 2007 was disappointing but times on the field were better and I felt a title was around the corner with Rafa.

    2013-14 came out of the blue and it was our one big chance to give a great servant what he craved, wouldn't have been surprised if he had retired at that point if we had won.

    I suppose if in 6 years time we've won 2 or 3 titles we will probably not even care about the Chelsea game so much, as without it Rodgers probably stays around and no Klopp. Though that will be Klopp's future and his team to shape.